Shah Jahan’s children

Mumtaz Mahal children : Mumtaz Mahal had 14 children in total and the ones who lived are following

Jahanara Begum:  23rd March 1614 – 16th September 1681

Mumahammad Dara Sikoh: 20th March 1615 -30th August 1659 (killed by Aurangzeb)

Shah Shuja: 26th June 1616 Death date not known (Disappeared while running away from Aurangzeb army)

Roshanara Begum: 3rd September 1617 – 11th September 1671

Aurangzeb: 3rd November 1618 – 3rd March 1707

Muhammad Murad Baksh: 9th October 1624 – 14th December 1661 (Killed in Aurangzeb custody)

Gauhar Begum: 17th June 1631 – 1706

Ahmed Baksh: Died young

Luftullah Mirza: Died Young

Daulat Afza Mirza: Died Young

The other children of Shah Jahan rom other wives include

Hamza Banu Begum: Born in 1610

Parez Banu Begum: Born in 1611

Hurunnisa Begum: Born to Persian Princess and Shah Jahan in 1613

A daughter from Rajputh Princess Manavati Baiji Lal Sahiba of Jodhpur born in 1615

Jahan Afroz: Born to Hasina Begum (Son)

Husnara Begum: Born in 1630

Dahar Ara Begum: Born 1631

Suraiya Banu Begum

Purunhar Banu Begum

Nazar Ara Begum

This is not exhaustive list

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