Aurangzeb’s dream

Aurangzeb after decimationg his brother Dara Sikoh family wanted to punish the Sikh Guru Haridas a lesson and hence wrote a letter and summoned him to his court.

Guru Haridas wrote back to Aurangzeb and chastised him for his behaviour thus “The empire he has recieved is imperishable. It is only those who God loves who can be like Dara Sikoh. If you have any doubt as to the empire Dara Sikoh has recieved meditate upon him as you go to sleep and you will have avision of reality”.

One night Aurangzeb was sleeping when he got a dream. In the vision was his elder brother on a throne surrounded by celestial angels. Many people was standing attending and waiting on his brother and they were adorned with best of dazling clothes, perfumes etc. Aurangzeb saw himself also in that vision in tattered clothes holding a basket of much. Rain fell and the muck spread all over his body. A slave driver came and hit him so hard with a stick that he fell on his face”.

Aurangzeb was shocked with that vision but felt that the Guru had magical powers and sent him that terrible vision  Thus started a period of persecution of Sikh’s.


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