PETA new ambassdor : Akbar, Salim, Pratap

PETA new ambassdor : Akbar, Salim, Pratap

PETA can have two new ambassdors -historical personalities to promote good treatment of animals(not only pet but wild ones too)

Maharana Pratap loved his horse Chetak very much- he cried bitterly when his chetak died trying to save him from enemies at battle of haldighatti

Akbar who loved elephants (his elephant name was hawai as decipted in akbarnama) and he had 1000 chetah’s for hunting(is that cruelty to animals? may be not atleast he fed and took nice care of them) and dogs and horse as pets.

Akbar the Great, ruler of India’s Mogul Empire in the 1500s, reportedly captured 9,000 cheetahs during his time to help him with deer hunting.His favourite Madan Kali was a privilleged star himself with drummers announcing his entry and exits. His first cheetah was a gift for him called Fatehbaz.

So who better as pet ambassdors that two great historical figures.

Another contender for peta ambassdor is emperor jehangir and he may win by miles for building tomb for his pets

Jehangir had all sort of pets turkeys, deer, lion, cheetah, dogs, parrots, doves.

Emperor Jehangir went one step forward by building palace and lakes to remember his pets and a tomb too(Taj mahal for pets-hiran minar). Jahangir’s love of flowers and animals is reflected in the numerous miniatures painted by artists who shared their master’s keen eye for the beauties of wild nature.

Jehangir indeed loved his pet elephants so much he ensured hot water in ponds for his elephants in winter. He built Haran Minar in lahore and baradari in center of artificial lake. It was built to commemarate the death of his pet antelope Mansraj.

Hiran Minar; (Minaret of Antelope) is set in peaceful environs near Lahore in Sheikaripura, Pakistan. It was constructed by emperor jehangir as a monument to Mansraj, one of his pet deer. On Northern side of Minar’s base, there is small octagonal brick building, which is believed to be the grave of Mansraj. To this day people say he loved that antelope like a brother.

Jehangir is like 21st century person considering pet animal as family member and giving it a burial and tomb and that tomb can give competition to any other emperors tomb its so huge

Jahangir with pet lion, seventeenth century. Emperor Jahangir’s court boasted a 100 lions, tamed and perfectly trained. Lions must have been bred in the emperor’s Royal Lion House’ and were plentiful in the Mughal menageries. In 1619, Jacques de Coutre, a Flemish merchant, experienced this first- hand in Agra when he walked into a patio of lions. One even caught his leg in its jaw but did no harm.

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