Passing the slap- Jahangir chronicles

European sources.Niccolao Manucci, originally from Venice, arrived in India in 1656 at the inauguration of Aurangzeb’s rule and,from street bazaar gossip & court whispers, devised an elaborate account of  Nur Jahan’s hold over her husband Jahangir.

Jehangir and Nur Jahan
Jehangir and Nur Jahan

as per Manucci noted ” Nur Jahan succeeded in getting Jahangir to agree to drink less, down to nine cupfuls, as long as they were offered by her own hand.

Here is an incident that highlighted their friendship

Jehangir loved drinking and once evening he was sitting with nur jahan listening to some music concert. During the musical recital he got angry with Nur Jahan because she was speaking against someone(i guess khurram).  Jehangir objected to it but Nur Jahan continued speaking and Jehangir got angry and slapped her.

Immediately Nur Jahan slapped him back. Jehangir was shocked initially and even musicians stopped playing. Jehangir got angry and held her by hair and she was angry and pounced on him and literally after sometime both were rolling on ground pulling each others hair and fist fights. The musicians and maids, body gaurds had no idea what to do. After sometime both realized what was happening and stopped. Then both laughed and Jehangir commented they were just reliving their childhood days  and to continue with the music and food etc both adjusted their hair and dress and continued with the evening as if nothing had happened.

After this this incident spread like wild fire across agra and everyone speaking about it. So when jehangir heard nobels speaking about it he said they were mistaken he and nur jahan were playing passing the slap game that night. After that only kids started playing it on streets and passing the slap later passing the ball etc games started in agra

Ok Jehangir was in his late 40s and Nur jahan 40s when this happened

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