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The honor of a girl

Prince Salim
Prince Salim

Next day the girl returns to her husband house, they refuse to take her inside house. She goes to parents house and parents too in fear of society shut door on her face. She goes to well to die but is scared shes small 14-15 years old. She hears that Prince Salim is in town. She decides to go to that local durbar and complaint against the courtiers son to the governor. She goes to the fort where Prince Salim is staying. The soldiers do not allow her inside so she sits full day and night outside.

Next day Prince Salim is going out in early morning to swim in nearby river. She runs to him although soldiers do not allow she shouts and luckily he hears her cries for help. Salim tells soldiers to allow her to meet him. The young girl goes and tells him what happened and to give her justice. Prince Salim calls the court to meet later that day. He orders his soldiers to get that courtiers son to court. In court the girl narrates her ordeal in front of all people gathered including courtiers and commanders. The courtier and son refute charges. Her family and husband are called to court. They inform Prince Salim that since the young woman was carried off by the courtiers son and did not return till next day, they do not want her back.

Prince Salim declares that courtiers son should be flayed alive in center of city and all should watch it in public, so no man dares abuse a girl in the streets. The courtier protests saying i am mughal, i have been in service of Akbar for long etc but Salim does not listen to his arguments. He orders soldiers to carry out his order. He also orders to confiscate all property of courtier and his son and to provide compensation to that girl. He also gives her work in the local palace and orders that she be given place to stay in palace quarters since her family has abandoned her. Thus the brave young girl gets justice. That year not one rapes in that city and province because the story spreads like wild fire and all get scared thinking of punishment Prince Salim gave that courtiers son.  

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