Shah jahan’s wife List

Qandahari Begum was first wife of Shah Jahan. She was Princess of Persia and youngest daughter of Prince Sultan Muzzafar Hussain Mirza of Safavid dynasty and married Shah jahan on 12th December 1609. She was born in Kandahar in Afghanistan hence named after that title. Qandahari Begums step mother was Princess Khannum Sultan, daughter of emperor Akbar and sister of emperor Jehangir. She had two daughters from Shah jahan.  Parez Banu Begum, eldest child and daughter of Shah jahan who was born on 21st August 1611 (People wrongly assume Jahanara to be eldest daughter and child of Shah jahan).  Her second daughter Hurunissa Begum was born in 1613. She died on 7th February 1677. She is buried in Qandahari bagh in agra built by her in 1628. She was very close to Shah Jahan after Mumtaz Mahals death even becoming his constant companion during his time in prison in his last years.

Princess Manbhavati Baiji Lal Sahiba of Jodhpur was second wife of Shah Jahan. She married him in 1611. She was neice of Jodha Bai(mother of Shah jahan) and emperor Jehangir. She was grand daughter of Mota Raja Udai Singh of Marwar and her grand aunty was Maharani Rukmavathi youngest chief wife of emperor Akbar. She had a daughter who was born in 1615. Jehangir married Shah jahan to Manbhavaiti Baiji. Many mughal emperors married a princess of Jodhpur till the last mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.

Arjumand Bano Begum aka Mumtaz Mahal was the third wife of Shah Jahan aka Prince Khurram. She was daughter of Asaf Khan elder brother of Nur Jahan and wife Diwanji Begum.  Mumtaz Mahal married Shah Jahan on 30th April 1612 at agra. They were engaged on 30th January 1607 but married 5 years later. She died on 17th June 1631 mothered 14 children of Shah Jahan. She was chief consort and Empress of mughal empire from 1628 to 1631. She died while giving birth to their daughter Gauhar Banu Begum and is buried in Taj Mahal.

Akbarabadi Mahal also known as Izz un Nissa Begum was fourth wife of Shah Jahan. The marriage took place on 2nd September 1617. Akbarabadi Mahal was the daughter of Shahnawaz Khan and grand daughter of Abdur Rahim kahn e Khana. She was also the great grand daughter of Bairam kahn the Prime Minister and foster father of Emperor Akbar. She gave birth to a son Sultan Jahan Afroz Mizra on  25th June 1619 but he died young in March 1621.

Fatehpuri Mahal was fifth wife of Shah Jahan.  She built Fatehpuri Mosque in 1650 in Chandini Chowk at Delhi aka Shahjahanbad.  She also had a daughter from Shah jahan. She was also close to Shah jahan and his constant companion in his old gae and prison life.

Sixth wife was Qudisa Begum

Seventh wife was Rajkumari Lilavati baiji Lal Sahiba daughter of Rao Shri Sakath Singh

Eight wife was Sarhinidi Begum

Muti Begum sahiba

Widow of Jamal Khan a Mansabdar of mughal empire


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