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Aurangzeb Family


Dilras Banu Begum  (1622-1657): She is buried in Bibi ka Maqbara, Aurangabad Maharashtra. She was princess of Safavid Dynasty of Persia who ruled Persia for many centuries. Her father was Mirza Badi uz Zaman of Safavid dynasty and mother was Nauras Banu Begum. Nauras Banu Begum was daughter of Mirza Muhammad Sharifuddin, the husband of Bakshi Bano Begum

Nawab Bai  (1620 to 1691): Was grand daughter of Rajputh Raja of Rajouri in Kashmir, a hindu Rajputh

Aurangabadi Mahal: Was a cocubbine of Russian/Georgian origin

Udaipuri Mahal: Was a cocubbine of Gerogian ancestory and was in Dara sikohs harem before he died

Children list

Zeb un Nissa (15th Feb 1638 to 26th May 1702)  : Born to Dilras Banu Begum and eldest child of Aurangzeb. She was a poetess and wrote many poems. She was imprisoned in Salimgarh fort Delhi by her father Aurangzeb in 1682 and died in prison only.

Zeenat un Nissa (5th Oct 1643 to 7th May 1721) : Born to Dilras Banu Begum and was Padshah Begum after her mothers death. Zeenat wanted Aurangzeb to pardon Sambhaji Maharaj but Aurangzeb had him executed. She took care of her father’s household.  

Zubdat un Nissa (2nd Sep 1651 to 17th Feb 1707) : Born to Dilras Banu Begum  and married to Siphir Sikoh in 1673 at age 22 years.  Siphir Sikoh was fourth son of Dara Sikoh and supported his father in war of sucession and was imprisoned for many years. He married Aurangzeb’s daughter and than later became governor of Orissa, Delhi etc . Majority of Siphir’s siblings were killed by Aurangzeb in a cruel manner.

Muhammad Azam Shah (28th June 1653 to 8th June 1707): Eldest son of Dilras Banu Begum and Aurangzeb. He was emperor from 14th March 1707 to 8th June 1707. He was defeated by his step brother Shah Alam in battle of Jajua and killed in 1707.

Akbar II (11th Sep1657 to 1706): Youngest son and child of Dilras Banu Begum and favourite son of Aurangzeb. He rebelled against Aurangzeb for imprisoning his sisters and brothers and questioned in him in full court. Aurangzeb was furious at his bravery to question emperor and bad blood ensured. But since hes youngest child Aurangzeb forgave him. He joined Rajpuths and decided to attack Aurangzeb army later. But Aurangzebs machievellanism saved the day and Akbar feled to Persia and died in 1706. He was brought up by his elder sister Zeb un Nissa after mothers death at child birth.

Muhammad Sultan (30th Dec 1639 to 14th Dec 1676): Eldest son of Aurangzeb and Nawab Bai> Nawab bai was daughter of Syed Shah Mir and a Raja of Rajouri’s hindu daughter. Muhammad Sultan was Aurangzeb’s eldest son and married Shah Suja’s daughter and sided with Shah Shuja against Aurangzeb in war of succession. He was imprisoned by Aurangzeb in 1660 in Salimgarh fort where even elder sister Zeb un Nissa was imprisioned. He died in 1676 in Salimgarh Fort prison.

Bahadur Shah I (14th Oct 1643 to 27th Feb 1712): He was also known as Shah Muzzam or Shah Alam. He reigned for 5 years as emperor from 1707. His mother was Nawab Bai and he was younger brother of Muhammad Sultan. In 1681 when he was sent to crush Akbar IIs rebellion he purposely failed to capture Akbar II. In 1687 he failed to again act aginast ruler of Golconda and Aurangzeb ordered his imprisonment for treason. In 1695 he was released from prison and sent on wars.

Badrun nissa (17th Nov 1647 to 9th April 1670): Was only daughter of Nawab bai and Aurangzeb. She was greatly loved by her father and he was distressed at her death. 

Meherunissa (28th Sep 1661 to 2nd April 1706): Was only daughter of Aurangabadi Mahal and Aurangzeb. Aurangabadi Mahal was a Russian by ansectory. Meherunissa married her cousin Izzad Baksh Mirza, the son of Murad Baksh Mirza the son of Shah Jahan. 

Kam Baksh(7th March 1667 to 14th Jan 1709) : Was son of Udaipuri Mahal, the cocubbine of elder brother Dara Sikoh. He fought war of sucession against Bahadur Shah I and was defeated and died in 1709.

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