Akbar sons

Hassan(twins) 19th Oct 1964- 5th Nov 1964  : Second child, twins born to Bibi Aram Baksh and died as infant

Hussain(twins) 19th Oct 1964- 29th Oct 1964: Third son, twins born to to Bibi Aram Baksh and died as infant

Salim 30th Aug 1569- 8th Nov 1627 : Fourth and eldest surviving child born in 1569 august was Akbar’s first child born to Hira Kunwari aka Mariam uz zamani

Murad 7th June 1570- 12th May 1599 : Akbar’s  sixth child and second surviving son born a few months(8 months) after Salim (a cocubbine Bibi Kheira)

Description as per Jehangirnama

Three months after my birth my sister, Shahzada Khanam, was born to one of the royal concubines ; they gave her over to his (Akbar’s) mother, Maryam Makani. After her a son was born to one of the concubines, and received the name of Shah Murad. As his birth occurred in the hill country of Fathptir, he was nicknamed Pahari. When my revered father sent him to conquer the Deccan, he had taken to excessive drinking through associating with unworthy persons, so that he died in his 30th year, in the neighbourhood of Jalnapur, in the province of Berar. His personal appearance was fresh-coloured ; he was thin in body and tall of stature. Dignity and authority were evident in his movements, and manliness and bravery manifested themselves in his ways.


Daniyal 11th Sep 1572- 8th Apr 1604: Akbar’s 3rd son and 9th child is buried in lahore tomb along with his mother an cocubbine (Bibi Miriam an Armenian died in 1596 and buried in Lahore along with Daniyal in same tomb). Daniyal was given to Mariam-uz-zamani to be raised by Akbar.

Description as per Jehangirnama

On the night of Jumada-1-awwal 10th, a.h. 979 (September, 1572), another son was born to one of the concubines. As his birth took place at Ajmir in the house of one of the attendants of the blessed shrine of the reverend Khwaja Mu’Inu-d-dln Chishti, whose name was Shaikh Daniyal, this child was called Daniyal. Daniyal took to improper ways, like his brother Shah Murad, and soon died from excessive drinking, in the 33rd year of his age. His death occurred in a peculiar way. He was very fond of guns and of hunting with the gun. He named one of his guns yaka u janaza, ‘ the same as the bier,’ and himself composed this couplet and had it engraved on the gun :—


“From the joy of the chase with thee, life is fresh and new ;

To everyone whom thy dart strikes, ’tis the same as his bier.”


When his drinking of wine was carried to excess, and the circumstance was reported to my father, farmans of reproach were sent to the Khankhanan. Of course he forbade it, and placed cautious people to look after him properly. When the road to bring wine was completely closed, he

began to weep and to importune some of his servants, and said : ” Let them bring me wine in any possible way.” He said to Murshid Quli Khan, a musketeer who was in his immediate service :

” Pour some wine into this yaka u janaza, and bring it to me.” That wretch, in hope of favour,

undertook to do this, and poured double-distilled spirit into the gun, which had long been nourished on gunpowder and the scent thereof, and brought it. The rust of the iron was dissolved by the strength of the spirit and mingled with it, and the prince no sooner drank of it than he fell down.


” No one should draw a bad omen :

If he does, he draws it for himself.”

Daniyal was of pleasing figure, of exceedingly agreeable manners and appearance ; he was very fond of elephants and horses. It was impossible for him to hear of anyone as having a good horse or elephant and not take it from him. He was fond of Hindi songs, and would occasionally compose verses with correct idiom in the language of the people of India, which were not bad.


Khusrau Mirza: Eleventh child of Akbar born to Raj Kunwari, princess of Bikaner and died in infancy(not to be confused with Jehangir’s eldest son)


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