Imarti or Jhangri origin

In indian subcontinent imarti or jhangri is a very famous sweet dish. This sweet dish originated in the Mughal kitchens in Fatekpur Sikri.

Prince Salim aka Jehangir was very fond of sweeets. As a kid he loved having sweets and the Mughal cooks would be ever ready to please their little prince. On one such occasion Salim was bored of having the regular sweets like ladoo, kheer etc and demanded that he wants to eat something new. Now the cooks were in dilemma about what new sweet will please the little prince. As it is its difficult to please small kids and this one was their crown prince.

Finally one cook remembered a sweet similar to imarti in Persia(known as zulbiya). The cook gave it a twist and added the indian urad dal and deep fried it in oil and soaked it in sugar syrup. Thus originated the famous imarti or jhangri from the Mughal kitchen. Not sure if kid Salim loved the sweet but the indian subcontinent(and west Asia and Africa) definetly love it and over the centuries it has become one of the main sweets for all occasions

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