Sujamal – The real history

Sujamal is always shown as betraying amer and Mughal empire. I was wondering about real sujamal how was he? And here is a bit of my research from various books like history of india etc

If you thought Mughals are cruel and only one’s to kill siblings and nephews for throne think again. Almost all empires and kingdoms big and small would kill, betray blood for throne. Bharamal was one such opportunist person.

When Prithviraj Singh I died he was succedded by Raja Purnamal his eldest son from first wife. Surajmal was the son of Raja Purnamal. Raja Purnamal was a associate of emperor of Humayun and helped him on many campaigns. In one such campaign to capture the fort of Bharatpur district he lost his life in battle. Purnamal saved Humayun life once in battle previously and Humayun was greatful and good friends with him. Surajmal was crown prince and should have been rightly the next King but he was small just a baby.

Bhim Singh, Purnamal’s  younger brother from same mother became the next King and made his son Ratan Singh as crown Prince but died within three years. Ratan Singh became king for next 10 years and was killed by his own step brother Askaran for throne in 1548. The people of Amber dethroned Askaran(mutiny) and placed Bharamal the uncle of Ratan and Surajmal as care taker king till Surajmal was mature to rule. Bharamal was the son of 4th wife of Prithviraj.

Now Humayun was no longer an emperor and was in exile and could not help his friend and associate Purnamal and his son Surajmal. The kid Surajmal was sent to his maternal grandmother’s house with his mother the Tanwar Royal family. He lived and died in his maternal grandmother’s house. He came back to ask for his right to the throne but it was never offered to him and Bhagwan Das was made the crown prince. So Surajmal decided to meet Akbar who was Humayun’s son as his father Purnamal and Humayun were friends and request justice. But he never joined Sharifuddin or Adam Khan.

Bharamal came to know of his plan and decided to thwart his move by offering to marry Jodha to Akbar so that his family stays the king of Amber. Rest as they say is history where Sharifuddin wages war and captures his sons and nephews and demands money. And Bharamal uses this situation to propose marriage to Jodha and make Akbar his son-in-law. Thus Surajmal never got justice. So Surajmal lived and died in his maternal grandmother’s house a betrayed prince.

Did Akbar know about surajmal? Yes

Did he know his father saved Humayun life and was close to him? May be not who knows what story Bharamal told him? Anyways its in Bharamal interest to make Surajmal villan in Akbar’s eyes. Hamida was not married to Humayun then so she would have no idea and Gulbadan was a kid then and Maham was bnot in picture anyways then. So they may not be aware of this fact and so Akbar would have no idea too and would know only Bharamal side of story.

Did Jodha love or like Surajmal? Not really as shown in movie and story because Surajmal was packed off to his grand mom house when she was a very small baby and he a small boy(He was a year old when his dad died in 1534 and at age of 12 sent off). She may have never met him all her life actually but only as baby. This was because Ratan Singh had already isolated Surajmal and his mother to stay far off from royal palace in penury without contact to roayl family. It was a great thing they left them both alive.

And anyway even if he knew Akbar was in distress because he was relative to Bharamal and many of his sons were in his service he could not antogise all of them and help Surajmal the rightful heir of Amber.

Who knows if Akbar knew truth before marrying Jodha he may have become great friends with Surajmal instead of Bhagwan Das and family? And given him justice?

FYI- When Akbar came to know about surajamal much later he asked Bharamal to give him the kingdom belonging to his father-Amer. Before he could he was killed by Sharifuudin(and may be Bharamal too). You can be never sure in history who carried out assasinations


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  1. yupp!!!

    I guess 600 year of constant contact with muslim rulers taught them these new tricks. There is almost no case of such vile trickery in Ancient or medival india.

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