Jehangir’s Tomb


Jehangir tomb is in lahore some 9Kms from anarkali tomb and market. Some pictures of the nice designs inside(though its not kept well). Since Jehangir loved flora and fauna its filled with such tiles. If anyone has visited Humayun tomb, Taj mahal the calligraphy is very similar although i find colorful tiles lined inside.


It was Jehangir’s last wish to be buried at lahore although he was suggested to have his last resting place at agra/delhi/kashmir near his parents or grandfather tomb or the place he loved most on earth kashmir.

Jehangir tomb

Jehangir tomb



How did he die?


It is said that the immediate cause of his death was provoked by the death of a young servant on his summer trip to Kashmir. This young servant was trying to gather game for the king when he went a bit too far over the cliff and fell off. Jehangir, who could watch the most inhuman tortures performed on his enemies without as much as blinking his eye, could not suffer to see a faithful servant meet his death in his service. He fell into a stupor and never recovered. He died of alcohol excesses and a heart attack in 627 AD (1627) at age of 57


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