Salim Akbar reconciliation

akbar with sons

akbar with his sons

Marium Makhani Hamida Banu, mother of Akbar died in August 1604. Akbar had planned to go and teach Salim a lesson for his revolt and had reached near Allahabad. He than heard news that his mother was serious and went back to agra. After few days Salim hears that his grand mother has died. Salim was very close to his grandmother. So he returned to agra for the funeral. At the funeral, Salim was admonished by Akbar and arrested for killing Abul Fazl, his chronicler.  Finally Salim was released after 10 days.

Salim settled in agra. Salim’s home return was not liked by many ministers and relatives. Chief among them was Khusrau his son, Man Singh, his brother in law, Abur Rahim Kahn e Khana, Bairam Khans son and Aziz Koka the milk brother of Akbar. But they could not show their displeasure in public  and hence started instigating Akbar against him.

The first assassination on Salim took place in his palace only by two of his own servants. But Salim survived it. Those servants tried to run to Deccan to Sultan Daniyal for protection but they were caught by Salims men and punished brutally.  When the news reached Akbar he was saddened by the brutality of Salims wrath. The ministers and relatives who disliked Salim started instigating against Salim saying “Drinking had made him unmindful and has made him take violent decisions”.  (Source: Akbarnama Vol 3). Similarly other attempts were made that created great rift between Akbar and Salim in ensuing months.

Meanwhile after a few months Akbar suddenly fell unwell grievously.  He sent message to Salim to come and meet him. Salim decided to go and meet Akbar and went in boat to meet him at agra fort from his palace. As they were nearing the Yamuna banks near Agra fort gate, arrows started spraying in all directions on his boat. An attack had taken place on him, his boat man tried to take boat back but arrows pierced him and he died. Salim somehow saved himself and he returned back to his palace. This was second attack on him since his return to agra.

Salim decided to try to go after two days again to meet Akbar. This time he took body gaurds with him and reached Yamuna banks. He was about to get off his boat and walk inside agra fort near Akbars palace when one old minister came running to him outside. This minister knew Salim since childhood. He told Salim not to enter Agra fort as trap had been laid for him. Man Singh and Aziz Koka had installed soldiers to capture Salim if he tried to meet Akbar inside agra fort. Man Singh, Aziz Koka, Abdul Rahim Khan e Khana, Ali Quli and many others wanted his son Khusrau to be emperor. Again Salim went back to his palace in boat instead of going inside the fort to meet Akbar.

By now Akbar was tensed why Salim never came to meet him although hes sick and sent messages so many times. The corterie instigated Akbar against Salim saying “he had disobeyed emperors orders and thinks hes above emperor” etc. Akbar was by now very angry at Salims behaviour. Salim was tensed how to meet Akbar. That time Salims wife Jodha Bai aka Jagat Gosain (Khurrams mother) said she will go and meet Akbar. Jodha Bai went to agra fort, no one stopped or attacked her. She went to Akbars palace and met him and told of Salims predicament to meet Akbar.

Akbar was better now although he required rest. Akbar decided he will go and meet Salim in his palace instead. So Akbar went at midnight in boat to meet Salim in his palace secretly without anyone knowing about it except his senior wives. Salim was surprised Akbar came to meet him although hes unwell. Akbar and Salim talked over and sorted their misunderstandings. Akbar went back to agra fort after the meeting.

Akbar called everyone of his big ministers and told that Salim shall handle court proceedings from that day instead of him. Salim could finally come back to agra fort to meet Akbar and his mothers. He started handling day to day matters from that day in court.


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