Humayun Family

Bega Begum Sahiba– Chief Consort

Bega Begum aka haji begum was also captured by Sher Shah Suri but she was a relative of babar and hence she may have been returned back with respect to Humayun. She was mother of Al -Aman Mirza and Aqiqa Sultan. Al-Aman Mirza died while crossing the Thar desert pursued by Sher Shah forces and Aqiqa Sultan was killed by Sher Shah Suri in attack on Humayun’s camp near Chausa.

Shaad Bibi

Sent back by Sher Shah Suri, no kids

Kanishka Agha Begum

Mother of Ibrahim Sultan Mirza

 Chand Bibi

7 months pregnant and presumed dead in attack by Chausa

Gunwar Bibi

Mother of Bakshi Bano

Machchuk Bibi

Mother of Farrukh Al Mirza, Mirza Hakim, Bakt al unissa Begum, Sakina Bano, Amina Bano

Son-in-law Abul Mali

Hamida Bano(19 years younger to Humayun)

Mother of Akbar

Gulbarg Begum

Najib al nissa Begum


He married many more wives but they are not so famous these are major ones

Begum means they are born royalty and bibi means commoners.

His first wife built Humayun Tomb

Source: Humayunnama etc



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