Murad Mirza – Family

Akbar with Murad
Akbar with Murad

Shezada Murad 7th June 1570- 12th May 1599 : Akbar’s  sixth child and second surviving son born a few months(9 months) after Salim (a cocubbine Bibi Kheira and brought up by Salima Begum Akbar’s second wife and first cousin sister)

Wives: 4 wives in total

Grand daughter of Raja Ali Khan Faruki, Raja of Kandesh

Habiba Banu Begum Sahiba, Daughter of Khan-i-azam, Mirza Aziz Koka

A Rajputh Princess


Rustam Mirza 27th Aug 1588-9th Dec 1597: Born to Habiba Banu Begum

Alam Mirza 4th Nov 1590: Born to Habiba Banu Begum

Iffat Jahan Banu Begum

In total Murad had more than 7 kids. Since he died young Jehangir became their guardian.

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