Akbar’s life attempted by Maham Anga

In 1566, an attempt was made on Akbar’s life. An assassin, posted on the roof of Khair al-Manzel, a madrasa built by Maham Anka near the Purana Qala, shot an arrow at the emperor as he rode back into Delhi. The arrow wounded Akbar’s shoulder. This incident changed Akbar’s method of rule, notes Hambly. Akbar now took into his own hands the supervision of the entire administration of the empire. (this was shown in movie jodha akbar but it was show an agra market instead of delhi). This was done by Daulat Shad’s husbands family as he had made her divorce her husband and marry him.

Akbar was attempted on in 1562 by Maham’s slave/gaurd his ministers suggested to find out who ordered his assasination attempt but Akbar said “Just kill him, lets not find who was behind all this as too many close people will be suspects”.


In 1564 also Akbar was attempted on and again he never want to find who attempted on his life again. In movie-Jodha Akbar they show it was planned by Shariffudin. But who did it really? No one knows because again Akbar was not interested in finding it out.

Why Akbar not interested both time to find out who ordered his assassination? Did he already knew who was behind it and since they are close members of family he did not want world to know? Or what is behind this lack on interest to find who ordered his death?

These three attempts on life 1562, 1564 and 1556 every consecutive year an attempt on life. Akbar was 14 years in first attempt on his life An human do not want to find who want to kill him only if he already know who told them to kill him right and he do not want their name to come out? Why name should not come out is a different reason?

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