Mughal Dynasty – Family tree

Siblings of Emperor Humayun (Children of Emperor Babar)

1) Babul Mirza by Daulat Begum (died young)

2) Fakhr-al-nisa by Aisah sultan begum (died as baby)

3) Humayun by Maham begum  1508-1556

4) Kamran Mirza by Gulrukh Begum 1509-1557

5) Askari Mirza by Gulrukh Begum 1516-1558

6) Hindal Mirza by Dildar Begum 1518-1551

7) Gulbadan Begum by Dildar Begum

8) Masumah


Siblings of Akbar the Great (Children of Humayun)

1) Al-Aman by Haji Begum b 1528 died as a child

He died of hunger and thirst while crossing the Thar Desert in Indian continent pursued by Sher Shah Suri’s forces

Empress Haji Begum/Bega Begum daughter of Yadgar Beg maternal uncle of Humayun married in 1527, was 19 years old when she became empress of hindstan, taken prisoner by sher shah suri in 1539 but returned back to humayun, built the humayun tomb in dehi and was buried next to her husband


2) Aqiqah Begum by Haji Begum b 1539-1547 died at age of 8

Princess Aqiqah begum was attacked by sher shah suri’s forces with her mother Haji Begum on 27th June 1539 when they came to join humayun from agra fort, was lost in the attack or kidnapped and never recovered. Humayun regretted all life for losing his daughter and searched her extensively but she was not found and he always regretted getting her to chausa, Bengal


3) Bakshi Bano Begum by Gunwar Bibi b 1540

-Was taken prisoner along with baby Akbar by uncle Askari between 1543-1545, married Mirza Ibrahim a direct descendant of Alexander the great at age of 10, husband died in battle in 1560 and was widowed at age of 20. Was given in marriage to Mirza Sharifuddin by Akbar same year.


4) Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar by Hamida Banu 1542-1560


5) Baqt al-nissa begum (Farq-al-nissa) by Najib al nissa begum(mah chu chuk) 1550-1608


6) Mirza Muhammad Hakim by Mah chuchak 1553-1585 (Ruler of Afghanistan and Tajikistan provinces)

– Attacked Punjab in 1581 with intention of becoming emperor of hindustand but did not want to fight his brother and left to kabul. Akbar defeated him in Kabul and restored him as ruler and he ruled till 1585 after death Akbar took over the reign.

-His mother was killed by Shah Abl’ Maali in an apparent bid to take over the throne of Badakhshan and Kabul. Mirza Suliaman- the father of Mirza Ibrahim husband of Bakshi Banu attacked Badakhshan and defeated Shah Abl’Maali and hanged him for his crimes and married his daugthter to Mirza Hakim and appointed Umed Ali to help rule the kingdom as Akbra’s brother Mirza Hakim was very young 10 years old. Bakshi Banu husband Mirza Ibrahim died in this battle in 1560.


7) Sultan Ibrahim Mirza (Son of Kanishka Begum) died at a young age

8) Farukkh Al Mirza (son of Mah chu chuk) died at a young age

9) Sakina Bano (Daughter of Mah Chu Chuk)

10) Amina Bano (Daughter of Mah chu chuk)




Siblings of Emperor Jehangir (Children of Akbar)


1) Fatima Begum 1561 (Ruqaiah or cocubbine)

2) Hassan and Hussain  1564 (born to a cocubbine Bibi Aram Baksh)

3) Sultan Salim Nuruddin Jehangir 1569-1627 by Mariam-uz-zamani Shehzadi Hira Kunwari

4) Shahzadi Khanum b. 1569 by Bibi Salima(brought up by Mariam Makhani Hamida Bano)

5) Shah Murad 1570-1598 (Bibi Kheira or unknown cocubbine and brought up by Salima Sultan)

6) Shah Daniyal 1572-1604 (mother unknown/not royal/nobel lineage brought up by Mariam uz Zamani)

7) Shakur-ul-Nisa begum 1571 by  Bibi Daulatshad

8) Meeti Begum 1571 by a cocubbine

9) Mahi Begum 1571 to Shezadi Nathi Bai

10) Firoze Khannum 1575 to a cocubbine

11) Sultan Bano Begum born to a cocubbine

12) Khusrau Mirza born to Shezadi Raj Kunwari

13) Aram Banu Begum 1584- 1626 by Bibi Daulatshad


Siblings of Shah Jahan  (Children of Jehangir)

1) Sultan al-nisa begum by Shah Begum(Man Bai) 1586-1646

2) Shezada Khusrau by Shah Begum 1587-1622

3) Parvez by Sahib-i-Jamal 1589-1626

Sahib-i-jamal was daughter of Kwaja Hasan of Herat a cousin of Zain Khan Koka foster brother of emperor Akbar(son of Akbar’s wet nurse)

4) Bahar Bano Begum by Karamsi 1590-1653

5) Khurram Shihab-al din by Taj Bibi Bilqis/Mariam Makhani/Jodha Bai/Jagat Gosain 1592-1667

6) Sharyar 1605-1628

7) Jahandar by Malika e Jahan 1605-1628



Siblings of Emperor Aurangzeb (Children of Emperor Shah Jahan)

Mumtaz Mahal children : Mumtaz Mahal had 14 children in total and the ones who lived are following

1) Jahanara Begum:  23rd March 1614 – 16th September 1681

2) Mumahammad Dara Sikoh: 20th March 1615 -30th August 1659 (killed by Aurangzeb)

3) Shah Shuja: 26th June 1616 Death date not known (Disappeared while running away from Aurangzeb army)

4) Roshanara Begum: 3rd September 1617 – 11th September 1671

5) Aurangzeb: 3rd November 1618 – 3rd March 1707

6) Muhammad Murad Baksh: 9th October 1624 – 14th December 1661 (Killed in Aurangzeb custody)

7) Gauhar Begum: 17th June 1631 – 1706

8) Ahmed Baksh: Died young

9) Luftullah Mirza: Died Young

10) Daulat Afza Mirza: Died Young

The other children of Shah Jahan rom other wives include

11) Hamza Banu Begum: Born in 1610

12) Parez Banu Begum: Born in 1611

13) Hurunnisa Begum: Born to Persian Princess and eldest daughter of Shah Jahan in 1613

14) A daughter from Rajputh Princess Manavati Baiji Lal Sahiba of Jodhpur born in 1615

15) Jahan Afroz: Born to Hasina Begum (Son)

16) Husnara Begum: Born in 1630

17) Dahar Ara Begum: Born 1631

18) Suraiya Banu Begum

19) Purunhar Banu Begum

20) Nazar Ara Begum

This is not exhaustive list

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