Maharana Pratap and Akbar relatives

Pratap married Roop Kunwar Rathore daughter of Rao Maldeo of Jodhpur/Marwar

Akbar married Rukmavati Lal Baiji the younger daughter of Rao Maldeo in 1581. She was daughter of his cocubbine Tipu.

Rao Maldeo had 23 daughters out of which 4 were married to muslim rulers

One of Rao Maldeo daughter married Badshah Sher Shah Suri her name Lalbai in 1544. Her mother was Rani Ladbai of Sonagiri

One of Rao Maldeo daughter married Badshah Muhammad Shah of Gujarat. Her name was Kankavati, the daughter of Jhalli Rani Navrangdevi. After Muhammad Shahs death she stayed in Jaisalmer with her sister Sajnabai and died in 154

Another daughter was married to Hajai Khan of Ajmer. Her name was Ratnavati and she was also daughter of Jhalli Rani Navarangdevi and after her husband death she first stayed with her brother Chandrasen of Marwar and after his death she stayed with Mota Raja Udai Singh, the next ruler of Mawar(her nephew)

Jasodabai married Khan Mohammad Daulat Khan of Nagaur daughter of Lakshadevi of Kawacaha(Amer) in 1532

So it was Rao Maldeo who started this traditions of marrying Rajput princess to muslims not Raja Bharamal

Now Akbar’s greatest enemy was Sher Shah Suri as he had defeated Humayun and kidnapped his elder sister and never returned her

Badshah Muhammad Shah’s biggest enemy was Akbar and Humayun as Humayun defeated his father Bahadur Shah after Karnavati’s jauhar.

And Akbar was Pratap’s biggest enemy

But all four of them married daughter’s of Rao Maldeo and were hence brother-in-laws in relation

This relation continued to next generation

Rao Maldeo son Mota Raja Udai Singh married his daughter Jodh Bai aka Jagat Gosain to Jehangir and she was mother of Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan himself married a niece of his mother Jodh Bai a princess of Marwar

So the relation lasted generations

Bibliography: Bankidas Ri Khyat

From this it is clear Akbar was by relation uncle to Maharana Pratap and brother in law to Sher Shah Suri, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, Haji Khan and Mohammad Khan

Hira Kunwari and Rukmavati Bhai Sa were cousins and both were aunty to Phool Kunwar the wife of Maharana Pratap

Bhagwan Das also was married to a princess of Marwar and hence brother in law to Akbar from marwar side


5 thoughts on “Maharana Pratap and Akbar relatives

  1. Tanisha Gupta

    I want to ask that what is shown about rao chandrasen in sony tv show maharana pratap is true or not does he really helped maharana pratapin stopping phool kunwar marriage from akbar when did phool and pratap get married chandrasen loved phool as his own daughter Did chandrasen spend more time with phool and pratap in his life pls did chandrasen and pratap did guerrilla attacks on akbar together?????please answer me


    1. ANGEL Post author

      I have no clue of the show you are speaking. Rao maldeo married his daughter Phool Kunwar to Maharana Pratap and another daughter Rukmavathi to Akbar. Chandrasen was Rao Maldeos son who opposed Akbar and mughals. Please read more in my blog post Pratap and Akbar relatives. Akbar was brother in law of Phool kunwar and her younger sisters husband, so there is no possibility of Phool Kunwar marrying Akbar etc.


  2. nirmal jajoo

    this is really strange that great warriors of rajputana were more engaged in marrying the princess for their entertaontment and goving birth to double cricket team.U have brought in light these unknown dark facts of these worriors



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