Akbar Children


Akbar’s kids (who lived to adulthood)

Salim 30th Aug 1569- 8th Nov 1627 : Fourth and eldest surviving child born in 1569 August 30th was Akbar’s first child born to Hira Kunwari aka Mariam uz zamani

Khannum 15th September 1569: Akbar’s fifth child born 15 days after Salim was born in 15th September  1569 to a secondary wife(Born to bibi Salima who died in 1599) and brought up by Mariam Makhani Hamida Banu

Murad 7th June 1570- 12th May 1599 : Akbar’s  sixth child and second surviving son born a few months(9 months) after Salim (a cocubbine Bibi Kheira)

Daniyal 11th Sep 1572- 8th Apr 1604: Akbar’s 3rd son and 9th child is buried in lahore tomb along with his mother an cocubbine (Bibi Miriam an Armenian died in 1596 and buried in Lahore along with Daniyal in same tomb). Daniyal was given to Mariam-uz-zamani to be raised by Akbar. He spent a few years in amer under Hira Kunwari’s mothers care.

Shakrunissa 1571-1653: Akbar’s 10th child, his daughter born in 1571 ( born to Bibi Daulat Shad) was brought up by his mother Mariam Makhani Hamida Bano. She was most beloved sister of Jehangir aka Salim and he mentioned his love for her as a child for his mother.

Firoze Khannum 1575: Akbar’s twelfth child, his daughter born to a cocubbine in 1575 and remained unmarried with her brother Jehangir till her death

Sultan Banu Begum : Akbar’s thirteenth child, born to a secondary wife(cocubbine Bibi Salima Sultan) and married to son of Mirza Ibrahim Hussain

Aram Bano aka Ladli Begum 22nd Dec 1584- 1624: Akbar’s fourteenth child was born to the same lady who gave birth to Shakrunissa(Daulat shad). Also known as Ladli Bano Begum Sahiba(not to be confused with Nur Jahan’s daughter also ladli begum)

Aram and Shakrunissa mother was Daulat Shad divorced wife of Abul Wasi a top ranking official of Mughal court at Delhi

Hira Bai was 5th wife of Akbar

First was Shaizadi Ruqaiah Sultan married in 1552
Second daughter of Jamal Khan of Mewat in 1556
Third daughter of Abdullah Khan Mughal in 1557
Fourth Shezadi Salima Sultan married on 11th Sep 1561
Fifth Hira Kunwari married on 6th Feb 1562 at Sambhar





The kids of Akbar (who died as infants)

Fatima Begum 1561: Eldest child born to Ruqaiah or a cocubbine in 1561-62 (died in womb at 7th month)

Hassan(twins) 19th Oct 1564- 5th Nov 1564  : Second child, twins born to Bibi Aram Baksh and died as infant

Hussain(twins) 19th Oct 1564- 29th Oct 1564: Third son, twins born to to Bibi Aram Baksh and died as infant

Meeti Begum 1571: Seventh child and born in 1571 to a cocubbine and died in infancy

Mahi Begum 1571-1577: Eight child and born in 1571 to Nathi Bai the daughter of Maharaja of Jaisalmer and died in infancy

Khusrau Mirza: Eleventh child of Akbar born to Raj Kunwari, princess of Bikaner and died in infancy(not to be confused with Jehangir’s eldest son)

Shakrunissa, Khannum and Aram Banu are buried in Akbar’s tomb, Sikandara

Salim aka Jehangir and Daniyal are buried in Lahore in their respective separate tombs

Murad was buried in Delhi but because of rail construction his tomb was demolished and he was shifted to Humayun tomb, Delhi

The rest are buried in agra fort

Please read why Murad and Daniyal cannot be Marium uz Zaamani aka Hira Kunwari’s own sons in FAQs


Khulasat ut Tawarikh by Sundar Rai Bandar(Jehangir is Princess of Amber son)

Khannum given to Akbars mother Marium Makhani Sahiba as she was born to a cocubbine(Father Montessori and Jehangirnama)

Daniyal born to cocubbine who died in 1596(given in Akbarnama)

Wheeler M Thackston Tuzuk I Jahangiri states that Murad, Daniyal, Khannum born to a cocubbine and Daulat Shad mother of Shakrunissa and Aram Banu



10 thoughts on “Akbar Children

  1. Real Pen

    Can you publish my Article on Akbar’s children and thier mother’s

    This article will mainly concentrate on the Akbar’s surviving kids and their mother’s identity.
    The historical chronicles of Akbar’s reign like Akbarnama, Tabaqat I Akbari, Darbari I Akbari, Muntakhab Ut Tawarikh, Father Monserrate account on Akbar and Akbar and the Jesuits does not document the identity of the mother’s of Akbar’s children.
    Link to Akbarnama
    Abū al-Fażl “ʿAllāmī” ibn Mubārak, Šayḫ
    Jahangir in his Autobiography-The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri; (page no 38,39) gives the mothers identity.
    There is no evidence about the mother’s identity in Shahjahan’s or Aurangazeb’s chronicle.Blochmann in Ain I Akbari had given an account of it.

    I)Prince SALIM(Emperor Jahangir): First surviving son of Emperor Akbar.
    Jahangir’s mother was Mariam Zamani, the daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber.He was born on 31st August 1569.
    The mother of Salim to be Raja Bharmal’s daughter was recorded only in one book of the Mughal era. That book is Khulasat-ut-Tawarikh, written by a Punjab Historian Sujan Rai Bandar, during Aurangzeb’s reign in 1695.He had written about the history of Hindustan, in which Mughal history was just a part of the book.Sujan Rai mentions in his book that the Amber princess, the third wife of Akbar was Salim’s mother.First of all Amber princess was the fourth wife.He had missed the second wife who was the granddaughter of Munim Khan whose wedding was celebrated in 1557.He had missed it because he was not in the Mughal court.
    Jahangir refers his mother as Mariam Zamani in his memoir and does not give her identity.He mentions Raja Bharmal’s daughter to be a lady in his father’s harem. He does not say Rajabharmal’s family members as his mother’s relation(The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;vol 1 page no 15)
    The Rajput Chronicle is silent about it.
    Akbarnama mentions about the Jaisalmer princess, wife of Akbar giving birth to a girl baby and passing away in 1 year(Akbarnama Volume III page 283), but is silent about Amber princess giving birth to Salim
    A firman of Mariam Zamani was traced.In that firman also her identity was not given.The name is mentioned by title Wali nimat Mariam Zamani,mother of Jahangir.
    Salim’s mother was referred to as a royal concubine of Akbar in the book “The empire of the great Mogol By J.S.Holland”.It is a latin book written by Joannes De laet a Geographer in the year 1631. Historian Vincent has a opinion that Delaet has copied it from certain reliable Persian chronicle, but certain historian doubt the authenticity of the book.page no 147-148-REF-Full text of “The Empire Of The Great Mogol” – Internet Archive
    Since Sujan Rai, a historian during Mughal era had documented that Raja Bharmals daughter was Salim’s mother in his book which is a trustworthy book by Historian’s we will agree to it.
    Mariam Zamani gave birth to only one kid of Akbar that is Emperor Jahangir
    Mariam zamani died in 1623 as documented in Jahangirnama(Tūzuk-i Jahāngīrī vol 2 page 262)

    II)Shahzadah KHANAM:
    Khanam was born through a concubine.She was born on 21st November 1569.
    The kid was handed over to Mariyam Makani- Akbar’s mother as she was an elderly person and could take better care of the child than a concubine.One more reason behind this decision of Akbar is, Mariam Makani had lost her two daughters(Akbar’s sisters) when she traveled from Kabul to India.The girls were within ten years.Maybe based on it Akbar had handed over his daughter to Mariyam makani.( The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;page no34)
    Khanam’s mother died during Akbar’s reign in 1599.( Akbar-nāmah vol 3 page no 1131)

    Murad was born through a concubine.He was born on June 7th, 1570.He passed away at the age of 30 years.
    Akbar celebrated the birth of both Salim and Murad in the same way so that Murad does not get a feeling that he was born through a concubine.
    Akbar also saw Murad in the third month same as Salim.

    He was born through a concubine on September 9, 1572.He was left under the care of Raja Bharmal for six months.When Akbar went for the conquest of Gujarat, he took his pregnant wife with him.Since she came near childbirth and could not withstand the journey, Akbar left her in Saint Daniyals house in Ajmer and went to Gujarat with his harem.In the saint house, Daniyal was born.After one month Akbar sends his son to Amber which was nearest to Ajmer. Raja Bharmals wife who was an elderly person took care of Daniyal.This Akbar did for his son’s safety and also to honor RajaBharmal.He picked up Daniyal after six months when he went to Agra.
    Daniyals mother died in 1596 as documented in Akbarnama(Akbarnama.Volume IIIChapter:CXXVIII.Page no1063.)
    There are also historical records that Daniyal’s mother could be the legendary Anarkali.The first historical mention of Anarkali was found in the travelogue of the British tourist and trader William Finch, who came to Lahore during 1608 to 1611.According to Finch’s account, Anarkali was one of the wives of EmperorAkbar and mother of his son Daniyal sha.Akbar developed the suspicion that Anarkali had an incestuous relationship with Prince Salim(Jahangir) upon which he entombed her within a wall of his palace where she died.Jahangir as a token of love ordered a magnificent tomb built for her.Edward Terry who visited a year after William Finch writes that Akbar had threatened to disinherit Jahangir, for his liaison with Anarkali, the emperor’s most beloved wife.But on his death bed, Akbar repealed it. “Early travels in India, 1583-1619”
    But the account of the British traveler is falsified when one comes to know that Daniyal’s mother died in 1596 which does not match the dates inscribed on the sarcophagus that is 1599.
    It clearly shows that Daniyal’s mother death had been prominent during Akbar’s period in Lahore.

    V)Shahzadah SHAKRU-UN-NISSA begum:
    Her mother’s name was Beiby Daulat begum.(The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;vol 1 page 34)

    VI)Shahzadah ARAM BANU BEGAM:
    She was born to the same Beiby Daulat begum.She was born on 22 December 1584( The Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri;vol 1 page 34)
    The account of his last two daughters is given in Jahanginama and Ain I Akbari.Historical chronicles are clear about it and all of them coincide.(This wife seems to be Akbar’s favorite for two daughters are born through her and when Akbar was 42.)
    Wheeler M Thackston had also translated Jahangirnama, his version is same as Tuzuki i Jahangir.In that he has documented that Shahzadah Khanam, Prince Murad, Prince Daniyal was born through concubine and Beiby Daulat Begum was the mother of Shakru un nissa and Arum banu begum.

    Jahangir wrote his autobiography himself. Once he wrote the first 12 years, he made several copies.He gave the first copy to Shahjahan.Few copies of it had been traced after 300 years, in which Tuzuki is the authentic version.The copies that have been traced were translated.
    The Tuzuki I Jahangiri is the authentic version of Jahangirnama proved by the historians.Tuzuki was first translated from the edition of Sayaid Ahmad by Roger and then edited and released by Henry Beveridge.Henry Beveridge has edited Tuzuki using two excellent manuscripts.One manuscript was from the British Museum translated by William Irskine which was a very excellent and good version.The other one was in India, and this was also a good version The events Jahangir had written in Tuzuki coincides with the events written by Foreign travelers in their book.These travelers were there in Jahangir’s court.The details about the kids of Akbar’s and Jahangir’s is the same in both Tuzuki i Jahangiri and Akbarnama proving Tuzuki to be the authentic version.The mother’s identity alone is not given in Akbarnama, but it is provided in Tuzuki, all the other details of both the book, regarding the kid’s matches.
    There was one more version of Jahangirnama first identified which was translated by David price.Price version had been proved to be the unauthentic version, manipulated by Nurjahan for the sake of her son in law Sharyar who was born through a concubine.To hide her son in laws parentage that version had tampered( Memoirs of the Emperor Jahangueir by David price page no20). Wherever Jahangir had mentioned concubine names of ladies were given.That version also provides a lot of praises of Nurjahan and her family.Historians have clearly proved Tuzuki to be the authentic version and David price version to be unauthentic one.

    Prince Murad taken to Salima Sultana Begum was given only by the historian Vincent who had written the book in the 18th century after the Mughal era.Vincent’s book concentrates more on Akbar’s achievements rather than his personal life.No historical chronicle of Mughal era says Murad was born to Salima.
    Disclaimer: The information is from historical chronicles of Akbar’s and Jahangir’s reign i.e from 15th and 16th century historical chronicle and not from books written by later historians books or my own interpretation of lines of historical chronicles. People can go through historical books like Jahangirnama and Akbarnama and Ain i Akbari which are available in the net.

    Thank you


    1. ANGEL Post author

      I have already published list of Akbars children and their mothers in this site, please check Akbars kids under mughal family tree. I have given the list of kids and their mothers as per jehangirnama or akbarnama(or other mughal records). I do not give too much detailing as i want the post to be small and specific so all can read it at one glance.


    2. ANGEL Post author

      I would suggest that you open a blog and give the information you want to provide on akbar and mughals. Many history lovers will be happy to read your information and posts.


  2. Real Pen

    Which historical book says Murad was reared by Salima and Daniyal by Mariam Zamani.Please at least answer through the faq at least but give historical evidence.


    1. ANGEL Post author

      Check jehangirnama and akbarnama which mentions daniyal was given to amer to be raised for sometime, daniyal marriage also took place in hira kunwaris palace. If his own mom(a cocubbine as per jehangirnama and akbarnama) raised him why he will go to amer or marriage take place in hira kunwaris palace. Murad in jehangirnama states was born to a cocubbine. I am not sure if he was raised by mughal princess salima sultan. That information is not there in any book.


  3. Padma Kalki

    Mariam zamani was definetly not the mother of Murad for he was born within 9 months after salims birth.Akbar met Mariam and Salim only in the third month after his birth as given in Akbarama and Muntakhab ut Tawarikh.Murad was not a premature baby but a child affected by hereditary disorder which had been transferred to him from his mother who was a commoner and the same diseases had caused the life of his son Rustam,who died at the age of 9.


  4. Padma Kalki

    i would like to give an answere for why mariam zamani cannot be the mother of Murad


    This article is mainly to confirm that Mariam zamani was not the mother of Prince Murad.

    Prince Murad was the son of emperor Akbar.His mother was a concubine of Akbar[1].I had a aurgument with my friend about the mother of Prince Murad.She was taking evidences from the net and was aurguing with me.I would like to narrate to you about the aurgument we had regarding this.It was a pleasant conversation.

    The rumors and the discussion we had regarding it.
    I started telling her that Murad was born in 9 months after Salim and so it is evident that Murad was not born to Salim’s mother(MUZ).

    My friends argument was, Prince Murad was a premature kid.
    The explanation I gave regarding this:
    There is no evidence in any historical chronicle till date that Murad was a premature kid.Definetly Murad was not a premature kid.Akbar did not meet Salim and his mother immediately,because it was a custom, that since the son was born after a long time,the father should see the kid after a long delay[20].Sources say Akbar saw Salim and MUZ in the third month.The meeting of Murad after his birth was also in the third month.Murad was born in June and Akbar went to Fathepur to meet him in september on his way to Ajmere[2],it means in the 3 months.This is the long delay which Abul Fazl had mentioned in Akbarnama.Akbar was very particular in treating both his sons in the same way,since Murad was born to concubine.The meeting of Salim in the 3rd month makes it clear Mariam Zamani was not the mother of Murad.

    She said Murad’s education started at 8 years due to suceessive ailment and tried using it in her favor.
    My explanation for this was:
    Murad was definetly not a premature kid,but he could have had heridatory disease which was transferred from his mother to him.The same disease had also affected his son Rustam who passed away at the age of 9[3].Rustam was the first loving son of Murad.Abul fazl,in Akbarnama says Rustam used to get angry if he sees something improper and falls ill often[4].Akbar tried his level best to save him.Infact he handed the care of Rustam to his great grandmother JijiAnga,who was an elderly person who took utmost care of him with great affection.Inspite of it Akbar could not save him.Rustam developed stomach pain and went into delirium and passed away at the tender age of 9.[5]Rustam was one year elder to his step brother Parvis,but both started education at the same time[6].Rustam’s education was delayed by one year due to health problem.Akbar wanted to sent him to Gujarat,but because of his health problem,he was retained in the capital[7].Both Murad and Rustam were intelligent kids.In those days identification of a hereditary disease itself was a problem.Even Murad had a weak constitution,for he passed away at 30 years.Akbars three sons were drunkers.Salim survived because of his strong constitution[8].Daniyal was poisoned by the rust which was there in the spirit he drank,and and only Murad died due to his drinking habit as he had a weak constituion.Murad and Rustam both had weak constituion and suffered from successive ailment during their childhood.Murad was lucky enough to survive,while poor Rustam passed away.Both had the same heriditory disease which was acquired from Murad’s mother who was a commoner and a concubine.Being a medico she had a better understanding about what I was explaining.

    The second evidence which she quoted to say MUZ was the mother of Murad is just interpreting lines from Akbarnama and Muntakhab ut Tawarikh to her needs:

    I explained to her that interpreting lines of Historical books as you like is wrong.I told her,Anyhow you tell me about your interpretation.She started telling for which I was giving the proper historical explanations.

    Celestial fathers and terrestrial mothers:
    She claimed that the term Terrestrial and celestial is cominig in both Salims and Murad’s birth and said this as a evidence.
    The explanation I gave her was this:
    This word celestial and terrestrial means planets and elements whose power the astrologer utilises to write ones horoscope.The word celestial and terrestrial comes in Akbars[9],Salims and Murads birth[10].This does not mean the parents of the kid.He only means that he is using the power of the elements and planets to write the horoscope of Akbar,Salim and Murad.

    The next evidence she said was this line,”Feast of the same magnitude were held for both the Salim and Murad”[11].The explanation for this I gave was that Naturally if you have 2 kids you will celebrate both the functions in the same way,moreover Akbar was very particular because he did not want Murad to have a inferior feeling that his mother was a concubine.

    The final evidence she gave regarding interpretation of lines was this line,

    “From the pure light,like prince Salim,[12]there descended
    The standard of shah Murad bin Akbar the just”,she was telling that the pure light was the mother of Salim

    I started telling her using this line as a evidence has no base in it.Anyhow I said her,that I will give a proper explanation for this line.Mughals have a lot of significance with light.The 22nd ancestor of Akbar was Alanquvai,who conceived through a light from heaven and not through human instrumentation and gave birth to the 21st ancestor[13].The Mughals always says it is this light that had passed through so many wombs and finally had manifested as Akbar.(This has been said in Akbarnama).Even during Salim’s birth Akbar is referred to as a light.So the pure light refers to Akbar and not the mother.
    Secondly I said her that the base of the evidence itself is wrong. These lines are taken from the book Muntakhab ut tawarikh[14] written by historian Badoni who was in the mughal court and had written the book without Akbars knowledge,for him there is no need to indirectly reveal anything about the mothers of Salim and Murad,if he wanted to say anything about the mothers he will write it directly for the book is written without Akbars knowledge,if he did not want to reveal the identity of the mothers because Salims mother was a Hindu,then he will not use the word pure.

    Lastly She started debating about the authenticity of Jahangirnama:

    Even for that I gave her an authentic explanation.Jahangir wrote his autobiography himself. Once he wrote the first 12 years ,he made several copies.He gave the first copy to Shahjahan[15].Few copies of it had been traced after 300 years,in which Tuzuki is the authentic version.The copies that has been traced were translated.

    The Tuzuki I Jahangiri is the authentic version of Jahangirnama proved by the historians.Tuzuki was first translated from the edition of Sayaid Ahmad by Roger and then edited and released by Henry Bevridge.In the preface it was given that Sayaid work which Roger used was from a defective manuscript but then again edited and corrected by Beveridge using two excellent manuscript[15].One manuscript was from the British museum translated by Willim Irisine which was a very excellent and good version.The other one was in India and this is also a excellent version.2 good version had be referred by Henry made all the corrections and then only he had released Tuzuki i Jahangir.It shows the hard work he had done to make Tuzuki Authentic.The different manuscript are not entirely different.There are only minute changes which Beveridge could edit using the 2 excellent manscript.These changes Could have occurred at any level.First Jahangir had his several copies written by different people,these minuMute changes could have occurred at that level also.In olden days people manually wrote it,not Xeroxed,so minute changes can occur due to the lethargic atitude of the copy writer.Second is the condition of the book whjch has been traced 300 years later,which can also affect the translation(For instance Salima begums age is wrongly given as 60 instead of 76,if one reads the page the account is correct so the age could have been hazy for the translator depending on the condition of the book,same as in the firman of Mariyam in 1572 where the second half of the name is erased,and moreover nobody has any gain in changing her age[15]).Also Sayaid is described to be disinterested in his labour,so these small changes could have occurred even at that level.Any way Henry has really taken a lot of effort and had gone through all the manuscript and made Tuzuki an authentic version.Tuzuki had been proved by historians to be the authentic version.It is definetly not a patch work of the different manuscript.The writing in Tuzuki coincides with the writing in book “Early travels in India” written by foreign travellers who were in Jahangirs court.Regarding the kids of Akbar and Jahamgir,the account in both Akbarnama and Tuzuki coincides.In Tuzuki Jahangir had written only about the surviving kids.Emperor Jahangir had written his autobiography whole heartedly with his own hands.So we should respect him,not falsely try to prove all manuscript is wrong create confusion and distort history to prove some fake love story to be true.So the book cant be just discarded to create confusion and distort history.

    David price version is the grabed,unauthentic version.The book has been manipulated for Sharyar and not for Mariam Zamani.Once Jahangir married Nurjahan,her family immediately rose to power.Her father bacame the prime minister and Asaf khan,her brother became the chief minister[16]. The Rajputs were already declinig in power by then.Then why unnecessarily Nurjahan should waste her time in distorting Mariam zamani’s account with which nothing she is going to gain.Even the travellers in the court of Jahangir had openly discussed about Nurjahan’s power in the court and that no transaction could move without her approval.About Mariam Zamani only the shipping activity and the respect which was given to her was decribed[17].Infact once when the entire camp went to Gujarat,in the border Mariam zamani was turned back to Agra while only Nurjahan accompanied Jahangir to Gujarat.Afterall Mariam zamani was not even mentioned in Akbarnama neither Muntakhab ut Tawarikh.Nurjahan definetly will not waste her time in thinking about her.
    Her only concern was about Sharyar her son in law who was born through a concubine.First Nurjahan tried Prince Khusarao,but since he refused she shifted her daughter to Sharyar[18].The book was altered because she did not want the world to know about her son in laws’s parentage.One could sit and read through the portion where Jahangirs kid are given.Jahangir in Tuzuki has frankly given that Sharyar was born through a concubine.In Tuzuki,he had given only the name of surviving kids of Akbar and Jahangir which coincides well with Akbarnama.In David price version just to alter the birth of Sharyar they had removed the word concubine in all the places both in the case of Akbars and Jahangirs and inserted so many wives names and so many kids name(to create confusion)[19] which has not been mentioned in Akbarnama.In Tuzuki Jahangir has stated with a open mind that both his last 2 sons are through royal concubines,which all historians agree.In David price version it is given as if Sharyar is born through the mother of Kuroon(Shahjahan),which is not given in any historical books of his era.Even in the letter of Aurangazeb to Shahjahan he stated nothing that Shahjahan is the blood brother of Sharyar.In fact Shahjahan wanted all his sons from same mother so that there will be no fight between them.Apart from this there are so many appreciations of Nurjahan and her father in the David price version, which Jahangir did not do it in the first 12 years.The frankness with which he had said about his own son,shows that Tuzuki is the authentic version.
    This clearly proves that TUZUKI IS THE AUTHENTIC VERSION.
    I said her “for truth to win,one needs facts,for lie to win one needs confusion.”
    This is only followed in creating a confusion about Jahangirnama.
    Also one more think I said her was that in what she was trying to achieve is “ when two cats fight the monkey wins”.I said her ,you are trying to debate on the authenticity of Jahangirnama and in the middle trying to say Mariam Zamani was the mother of all the kids which is not given in any historical chronicle till now.

    I also gave her the names of the book from which I took the reference from.She personally sat with me and went through and she was convinced that Muard had been born through a concubine.

    I also made one thing very clear to my friend that none of any version of Jahangirnama,Akbarnama or any historical chronicle claims Maraim zamani was the mother of all kids of Akbar.She was only the mother of Jahangir.

    References I gave my friend:

    1.Tuzuki I Jahangiri.
    2.Munkhatab Ut Tawarikh.vol ii.
    3.Akbarnama.vol iii.
    4.Akbarnama.vol iii.
    6.Akbarnama.vol iii.
    8.Sir vincent book on Akbar.
    11.Muntakhab ut Tawarikh.vol ii.
    12.Muntakhab ut tawarikh.vol.ii.
    13.Akbarnama vol.i.
    14.Mukthab ut Tawarikh.
    15.Tuzuki i Jahangiri.
    17.Early Travels in India by Sir William Foster.
    18.Early travels in India by Sir william Foster.
    19.Memoir of Jahangir by David price.
    DISCLAIMER:This article is written only with the aim that history should not be distorted.It is not pointing to any particular person,site or blog.



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