Jehangir: The poorest man in Mughal Empire

mian mir and dara sikoh

mian mir and dara sikoh

Hazrat Mir Muhammad Islam was a very famous saint and lived in Lahore. He was a very close friend of Guru Arjun Devji and laid the foundation stone of golden temple in 1588. Mian Mir protested the killing of Guru Arjun Singh and never took any gifts from Emperor Jehangir, Shah Jahan etc. His most famous disciple was Crown Prince Dara Sikoh, the elder son of Shah Jahan.

Mian Mir was a very pious man and a saint of great renown. Mian Mir had appointed his disciples at his house gates to stop the rich and selfish people from coming to visit him. One day Jehangir went to meet him. He was stopped by the Mian Mir disciples. Jehangir waited till he was given permission to meet the saint.

Jehangir got angry at the treatment meted to him and asked “Why should a fakir have sentries at his gate”.

Mian Mir replied “SO that selfish men do not enter”.

Meanwhile a very poor man entered the saint’s abode and offered a coin as token offering to the saint.

Mir replied “Give this coin to the poorest man in audience”.

The poor man was confused “Who among audience was poorest?”

The fakir pointed to Emperor Jehangir “Give this coin to him, he is poorest man among everyone in kingdom. Not content with a big empire he now wants Deccan. So he has come to beg for blessings from far off Delhi”.

Emperor Jehangir felt ashamed and asked forgiveness from the fakir and left


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