Padshah Begums List – Mughal Empire

Maham Begum 1526-1530

Wife of Babar and Mother of Humayun

Kanzada Begum 1530-1540 (When Humayun was defeated by Sher Shah Suri and fled     India)

Sister of Babar

Hamida Bano 1555-1604

Wife of Humayun and Mother of Akbar

Sahila Bano 1608-1619 (Jehangir married her in 1607)

Wife of Jehangir

Note the gap of 4 years between 1604-1608 where no one was a Padshah Begum(official)

Man Bai – Shah Begum died before Jehangir became emperor(1605) but she was very powerful too and had many powers like a Padshah Begum only

Jagat Gosain – She died at a young age too but was the principal chief wife of Jehangir and also was very powerful as chief heir Prince Khurrams mother. But Sahila Banu was the Padshah Begum during her times.

Nur Jahan 1620-1627

Wife of Jehangir

Arjuman Bano(Mumtaz Mahal) 1627-1631

Wife of Shah Jahan and Mother of Aurangzeb

Jahanara 1631-1658, 1667-1681(till her death)

Daughter of Shah Jahan and Sister of Aurangzeb

Roshanara (Daughter of Shah Jahan) 1658-1667

Daughter of Shah Jahan and Sister of Aurangzeb

Zinnat un Nissa 1681-1721

Daughter of Aurangzeb and Sister of Muhammad Shah I and Bahadur Shah I

Badshah Begum 1721-1748

Wife of Muhammad Shah II (Grandson of Bahadur Shah I) and daughter of Farukkhsiyar  (Grandson of Bahadur Shah I)

Apart from this mothers of future emperors had great powers including power to issue framans. So Hira Kunwari, Jagat Gosain, Man Bai etc too had powers that equivalent of a Padshah Begum although they were not officially Padshah Begums

After Badshah Begum there was no real power left for Padshah Begums

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