Akbar and Man Singh – The Fight

Akbar was known for his short temper and Man Singh too was not someone who took any orders or humiliations lying down. Given below is a scene of a fight between Akbar and Man Singh that took place in Deewan e Aam in presence of the nobels and ministers.

Man Singh was the nephew of Hira Kunwari the first Rajputh Hindu wife of Akbar and mother of Prince Salim. He was the son of Raja Bhagwan das and grandson of Raja Bhiramal of Amber aka Jaipur(current). He was eight years younger to Akbar and one of his navrathna’s and the chief commander of Mughal army.

Here Mna Singh was trying to save Akbar’s life as after a drinking party Akbar was pressing a sword to his chest to show off his bravado or in a moment of madness. So to save his life Man Singh gave him a punch and dropped his sword from his hand. This enraged Akbar so much that he immediately wrestled down Man Singh to the ground. Man Singh could only be saved after an elderly nobel twisted Akbars fingers to get him to release Man Singh.

Akbar wrestling Raja Man Singh

Akbar wrestling Raja Man Singh


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