Akbar turning vegeterian

In 1582, Emperor Akbar invited Hiravijaya Suri to explain him the principals of jainism. He first discussed the various aspects of religion and philosophy with Abul Fazal and the later with Akbar. The emperor was so impressed with Hiravijaya Suri that he bestowed on him the title of Jagatguru which means World Teacher or the Preceptor of the World.



Akbar was so much influenced by the religion of non voilence preached by the Jain monk that he became vegetarian most of the days, prohibited slaughter of animals and birds, released prisoners and gave up fishing and hunting which were his favourite pastime.Hiravijaya is reported to have told Akbar: “How could a man’s stomach be a tomb of animals?” creating an aversion for meat eating in mind of Akbar

Out of respect for Jainism, Akbar declared royal decree for Amari Ghosana banning the killing of animals during the Jain festivals of Paryusana and Mahavir Jayanthi. He rolled back the Jaziya tax from Jain pilgrim places like Palitana. Furthermore, he issued firmans for ban on slaughter of animals for six months in Gujarat, abolishing the confiscation of property of deceased persons and removal of the Sujija Tax (Jazia) and a Sulka (possibly a tax on pilgrims).  Akbar developed such fondness for the Jain ideology that he repeatedly requested Suri to send his itinerary one after another

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