Qutub uddin Khan Koka

Qutubuddin Koka and Jehangir

Qutub ud din Khan was the milk brother of Prince Salim aka Emperor Jehangir.  Everyone by now must know how great the position of a milk brother was to mughal emperors.  Akbar gave special importance to his milk brother Adham Khan and forgave him for all misbehaviours.Milk brother was more dear than own brothers in many cases. Salim loved his pets so much people said he loved his pet deer Manas Raj like an own brother. So we can imagine how much Salim loved Qutubuddin Koka. Few years after  Qutubuddin death, Jehangir lamented that without company of his milk brother he has no desire to live or carry affairs of state. That was the kind of lonliness Jehnagir felt at loss of his milk brother.

 Emperor Jehangir had only 3-4 best friends one of them was Qutub ud din Koka. Qutub ud din was born in 13th August 1569 to the daughter of Sheikh Salim Chisti, the saint because of whose blessings Salim was born. Qutub ud din Koka was the son of Sheikh Salim Chisti daughter Zil Bahar Begum who was appointed milk mother of Prince Salim by Akbar.  

Emperor Jehagir was very close to Qutub ud din Koka and consulted him on every political matter. Qutub ud Din was appointed Governor of province of Bihar by Salim during his rebellion. Than he was appointed personal secretary to Emperor Jehangir and finally Governor of Bengal on 2nd Septemeber 1606. He was killed after a fight with Ali Quli Khan, the Faujdhar of Bengal on 20th May 1607.

It is said that Prince Salim decided to loot the treasury of agra fort in Akbars absence in 1599 on advice of his best friends Mahabhat Khan and Qutub ud din Koka. Both suggested him to loot the treasury of agra and use that money to build an army so that he can conquer newer lands and prove his worth to Akbar. Of course that plan could not be implemented as Salims grandmother Hamida Bano and step mother Salima Begum came to meet him in outskirts of agra campment, and Salim could not meet their eyes and left to Allahabad by boat thus cancelling his plan to attack agra treasury.

In 1607 Ali Quli Khan was suspected to have given refuge and help to some Agfhan refugees. Jehangir sent many notices to Ali Quli Khan to report to the throne. But Ali Quli Khan failed to report in agra. So Qutub ud din Koka was sent to Burdwan to investigate the matter and get Ali Quli Khan to agra. Qutub ud din reached Burdwan in Bengal on 20th May 1607. He went to Ali Quli Khans residence to ask him about his refusal to report to agra court. Quli Khan attacked Qutub ud din Koka and killed him. The mughal armed gaurds of Qutub ud din attacked and killed Quli Khan. Thus Qutub ud din Koka’s life ended early in his 30s only. Jehangir was devastated at loss of his best friend and milk brother.

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