Jahangir’s Bell of Justice

All know about Jehangiri justice and bell

But do you know what each bell strike meant

If bell struck once – Means the person who rung bell had a fight with someone which he should have won but did not so he want justice

If Bell struck twice – Means someone not getting proper wages for his work and want redressal

If Bell struck thrice — Means someone had been robbed

If bell struck four times — Means murder had taken place (which was rare)

If bell struck five times — Means other issues

So soldiers would observe the number of times the bell struck and take to the appointed judge or if its in palace to the emperor

When Jehangir was emperor once he recieved complaints(many) that mughal soldiers were abducting defeated kingdoms women/girls. An old lady came and complained to him that her granddaughter was abducted by one of his commanders. Jehangir arranged a parade of all army men who were involved in that war and the old lady identified the commander. Jehangir returned back the girl to her grand mother and gave them compensation. He realized that despite his saying the army will continue misbehaving with defeated kingdom citizens. So he punished the army commander with a cruel death publicly. This ensured that in future the mughal army think twice before trying to misbehave with defeated kingdom citizens or abducting girls and women after winning war/rebellion

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