Akbar – The Qamargah Hunt

This peculiar ncident is recorded by Prince Dalpat of Bikaner who was in service of Akbar in his book Dalpat Vilas.

Akbar was on a hunt to Qamargah and travelled from Chandnot and Hazra to Bhera. While Akbar went on a hunting trip to Girjhak(Jabalpur) the nobels played kabbadi. The emperor who returned after hunt went to his tent and the nobels dressed up and went to pay their respects to Akbar.

Akbar was bathing in the river jehlum and ordered Salim to join him. Salim was hesitant as the river was in spate so Akbar pulled him into river and dunked him into the river a few times.

The Prince Dhanaji was whipped by Akbar for being late to the meeting. Prithdip was also whipped because he had got his nephew Randhirot to the meeting. Prithdip felt so humiliated he stabbed himself. Akbar got wild at this and ordered Prithdip to be trampled by his elephant but the elephant would not move. Akbar left in frustration to spend time with ladies of his harem.

Man Singh arrived in afternoon that day and went to pay respect to Akbar. Akbar told Man Singh to provide medical help to Randhirot but Man Singh found that he was already dead and they cremated him. After returning from his cremation Man Singh, Madhav Singh and Prince Dalpat went to meet Akbar. Akbar was in foul mood and was shouting that muslims must eat pigs and hindus cows.

He removed his turban and asked the royal barber to shave off his head but the baber was so terried he ran off. Akbar took a dragger and started shaving his head himself. The dragger was taken off by one of his noble Shah Fataullah. All the assembled nobels both Rajputh and muslims were instructed to take off their turbans. The emperor had his head shaved. He praised the Rathores and Rajawats but called Shekawats mere jats. Finally somehow with great difficulty Shah Fataullah took him to his sleeping chambers.

Next day the nobels gathered again for his audience. Akbar was having his beard shaved off but permitted the nobels to retain theirs. He was shouting that he would invade firangs etc. Akbar removed his turban and it was torn off and a piece was given to each nobel with gangajal. The animals that were surrounded for hunt were released and Akbar proceeded to Fatehpur Sikri on sixth day.

Prince Dalpat of Bikaner from Rathore clan wrote Dalpat Vilas

In modern times Akbars behaviour can be diagnosed as a grave mental illness

Note: Akbars mother Hamida Banos family had an history of mental illness

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