Emperor orders his own death

Prince Salim

Prince Salim

Although in later parts of his life Jehangir gave the reigns of his empire to Nur Jahan the initial 7-8 years that he ruled he was known for his fair and just decisions and upholding the rule of law under grave personal loss.

One day a woman came and started ringing the “Bell of justice” vigurously. Jehangir who was conducting “Diwan-e-am” ordered a soldier to see who the person was and get him/her inside. The woman came in front of the emperor wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Jehangir asked her what had happened? The woman said her husband was killed by a gun shot. Jehangir wondered who could use a gun in agra and asked her the details. The woman said her husband was walking along the Yamuna river near agra fort when a bullet pierced him and he died of its wounds.

Jehangir ordered his minister and soldiers to find out who was using the gun in the agra fort. The minister left to investigate and came back with the queen Nur Jahan with a gun. Nur Jahan admitted that she was shooting piegons when accidentally she shot a man. Jehangir ordered that he will decide tommorow quantum of punishment and till then Nur Jahan should be placed in prison. The entire agra was shocked what decision Jehangir will give his favourite wife the queen.

Next day the Diwan-e-am gathered. Nur Jahan was brought to the court. Jehangir ordered a soldier to get a gun and give it to the woman. Jehangir stepped down from his throne and stood in front of the woman and said “As per mughal law a life for a life is the norm. Since my wife the empress made you a widow as per mughal law you can make her a widow. So take the gun and shoot me.” The woman was shocked beyond wits. The ministers and nobels too were shell shocked. The woman replied “Sir, you are the emperor. How can i shoot you?”. The ministers and nobels also started arguing with him to let go off the decision.

Jehangir was adamant that rule was rule. He told the woman to follow his orders and not be scared of any retribution later. He also ordered that no one can take any action on that woman for the justice he had ordered her to follow later on. Finally the woman said “Your highness, I just wanted justce for my husband’s death as i am all alone and no one to take care of me. I never want the death of my emperor”. Nur Jahan immediately told “I adopt this woman and she shall stay with me in my palace if you permit your highness” The ministers and nobels argued Jehangir to let go off the matter. Jehangir asked the woman if she was fine with staying in agra fort. She readily agreed and forgave Nur Jahan for killing her husband and asked Jehangir to withdraw his earlier order.

Finally Jehangir relented and the people in Diwan e am and those standing outside agra fort felt relieved and returned to their normal routine. Later on Nur Jahan and Jehangir adopted the woman and she became one of their foster daughters.

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