Prince Salim and battle of haldighatti

Prince Salim

Prince Salim

Jehangir-Prince Salim was sent with Man Singh in Battle of haldighatti with mughal forces. Salim was 7 years old then( July 1576). Now during battle Salim was on an war elephant. His elephant was attacked and his mahouth killed by a lance thrown by Maharana Pratap. His howdah fell and he was in great danger when Mughals rescued him. Since the battle was fierce he was taken out of battle field and stayed there with a few body gaurds on a horse.

Now we all know what happened in war Maharana Pratap left war field followed by 2 Afghan soldiers and Shakti Singh saved him by killing them and giving his horse to Pratap to escape. Some person raised a doubt on Shakti Singh reaching the spot where Chetak died before anyone else and about the two afghans being killed at a later time. Shakti Singh denied helping Maharana Pratap.

Salim told him that if he told truth he shall not do anything to him. Shakti Singh broke down and confessed  that he could not see his own brother in danger and dying before his eyes. Salim who was but a child and who himself was very close to his brothers Murad and Daniyal felt his view was justified that no brother can watch his own blood in danger and not react as Shakti Singh did. Hence despite grave opposition to punish the traitor, Salim told Shakti Singh to leave Mughal court immediately and go away to his brother and family. Shakti Singh left and joined his brother but on way captured a fort under mughals.

Note: Akbar’s wife Rukmavati Bhaisa was from Marwar and her elder sister Phool Kunwari was the wife of Maharana Pratap. Akbar was furious on Salim for letting off Shakti Singh and refused to meet Man Singh for months for letting Maharana Pratap off in that battle.

Source: James Tod, Annals and Antiques of Rajasthan

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