Daulat Shad – Akbar : An emperors love obsession

Father: Mubarak Shah of Khandesh

Husband– Abul Wasi

Married Akbar: 1562 Delhi

No other love affair of Akbar raised as many eye brows and issues as that of Daulat Shad. Akbar was no lover boy like his son Salim or grandson Shah Jahan but one of his love affairs not only defied customs but also led to an attempt on his life by his lovers family. It was the year 1562 Akbar was visiting Delhi after a hunt when he saw Daulat Shad the wife of a high ranking mughal nobel Abul Wasi. It was love at first sight for Akbar. Akbar was a true casanova till his middle ages and as an emperor whom he liked he got them at any cost. Akbar immediately sent message to Abul Wasi to divorce Daulat Shad and send her to him. Abul Wasi although a nobel had no choice as it was order of the emperor. He divorced his wife Daulat Shad and sent her to Akbar’s harem. Akbar married Daulat Shad and made her his secondary wife.  He had two daughters from Daulat Shad Shakrunissa in 1572 and Aram Bano in 1582.

Intrestingly 1562 was also the year he married the Amer princess Hira Kunwari daughter of Raja Bharamal later known as Marium uz Zamani and mother of his heir Salim.  

Daulat Shad was secondary wife of Akbar – mutta marriage(temproary marriage) not recognized by Islam as more than 4 wives not allowed

In real life Akbar was attacked in Delhi market(near chandini chowk) by Daulat Shad husband’s relatives and an arrow struck him. He refused any enquiry and forgive them. Daulat Shad was very beautiful when Akbar married her exact age not known.

He had two daughters from her Shakrunissa and Aram Banu his youngest and most beloved daughter

Source: Akbarnama and Jehangirnama (British Library)

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