Amar Singh Rathore – The brave

Amar Singh Rathore was a brave Rajputh of Marwar Dynasty. His life was filled with strife and ended in tragedy. Amar Singh Rathore was the son of Raja Gaj Singh. Being the eldest son of Raja Gaj Singh he was the crown prince and next king of marwar. But his step mother was a vicious woman and hated her step children and hence forced Raja Gaj Singh to disinherit him from the inheritance and kingdom. Amar Singh left Marwar and went to agra and into service of Shah Jahan. He was a brave warrior and soon rose to prominence in the mughal durbar. He was made an mansabdar by Shah Jahan. He won many wars for the mughals.

The mughal muslim courtiers were jealous of his sudden rise to prominence and power and waited for opportunities to disgrace him. Once Amar Singh went off on hunting expedition without asking Shah Jahan’s permission. The courtier filled Shah jahans ears agianst Amar Singh. When Amar Singh returned Shah Jahan asked him reason for his absence and Amar Singh replied “he was not answerable to anyone”. Shah Jahan felt insulted and Salabat Khan the emperors brother in law confronted him. Amar Singh killed him with his sword in front of a shocked court. The mughal gaurds tried to catch him but could not. The brave Amar Singh Rathore’s horse Bahadur jumped from top of the agra fort and died doing so and Amar Singh escaped to his palace in agra.

Shah Jahan felt disgraced at this turn of event as Amar Singh had shamed the entire mughal forces and escaped. His wife Mumtaz was furious and wanted Amar Singh to be punished immediately and threatened not to allow Shah Jahan in harem(house) till Amar Singh was dead. No courtier in Mughal court wanted to catch Amar Singh as they were scared of his bravery that was displayed at court.

Finally Amar Singh Rtahore’s brother in law Arjun Goud took responsibilty for killing Amar Singh himself. He went to Amar Singh palace and convinced him that Shah Jahan wanted a compromise and to come to court with him. The agra fort main gate known as Lahore gate was closed and a small window like gate was left open. As Amar Singh entered inside bending Arun Goud and his men stabbed him in chest many times to death. Amar Singh collapsed dead on floor.

Shah Jahan hoisted his body on an agra tower and challenged any Rajputh to take it away. Aam Singh Rathore’s wife went to his friend Ballu Champavat and told him of Shah Jahan’s challenge. Ballu Champavat though hesitant initially accepted Shah Jahan’s challenge. On 26th July 1644 early morning riding his horse he entered the mughal fort main gate killing mughal soldiers on the way. The bravest Rajputh rathore warriors fought valiantly to ensure that Balu Champat reached the tower and took Amar Singh’s body. But there was no way he could go out of the gate as too many mughal soldiers had surrounded them. So Ballu Chamapavat jumped from agra tower outside in the process his horse died and he too died. The body was taken by waiting Rathore warriors to Amar Singh Rathore’s wives who did sati at his funeral.

The lahore gate was named Amar Singh Rathore in his memory

Bahadur, Amar Singh’s horse has a cantope on top of agra fort




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