Jehangir kids

1) Sultan al-nisa begum by Shah Begum(Man Bai) 1586-1646
2) Khusrau Mirza by Shah Begum 1587-1622
3) Parvez by Sahib-i-Jamal 1589-1626
Sahib-i-jamal was daughter of Kwaja Hasan of Herat a cousin of Zain Khan Koka foster brother of emperor Akbar(son of Akbar’s wet nurse)
4) Bahar Bano Begum by Rajkumari Karamsi 1590-1653
5) Khurram Shihab-al din aka Shah Jahan by Taj Bibi Bilqis/Mariam Makhani/Jodha Bai/Jagat Gosain 1592-1667
6) Sharyar by cocubbine 1605-1628
7) Jahandar by cocubbine 1605-1628

 These are only the surviving children of Jehangir

He had around 13 children in all. His last child was by Sahila Banu Begum who died as an infant. 

Bahar Bano and Khurram were Jehangirs favourite children

Jehangir had no children from his favourite and last wife Nur Jahan. But Jehangir and Nur Jahan adopted many kids many of them orphaned or widowed girls. The best known adopted child of them was Seis Alla who was a son of Nur Jahans sister.

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