The cost of saving an emperor child’s life – Freedom of India

Jehangir was the emperor of India when he gave permission to British to trade in india. The rest as they say is history because these britishers not only eliminated the Mughal dynasty from face of earth in 1857 first war of independence but also ruled india for 250 years. But why did Jehangir give permission to British after resisting them for 10 years?

Jehangir’s younger daughter Bahar Bano Begum got very unwell once and no vaidya/hakim etc could cure her. She was obivously the apple of her father’s eyes. Jehangir got very upset and scared and went to many holy places to pray for her to get well and also donated etc but to no avail. Captain Hawkins a British captain and Sir Thomas Roe were good friends with Jehangir. But Jehangir had refused them permission to trade in India under East india company.

Captain Hawkins one day went to visit Jehangir and found him very upset and asked him what matter was? Jehangir told him his daughter was very unwell and none of Hakim/Vaidya in india etc could cure her. Captain Hawkins told him to give permission to an British doctor to check her and Jehangir agreed. The doctor checked on Shezadi Bahar and gave her some English medicines. Within a week Bahar was getting better and within another few weeks she was on her feet.

Jehangir who had given up hope was very grateful to Captain Hawkins and gave him many gifts, gold etc and asked him to ask anything he wants in return for saving his daughter’s life. Captain Hawkins asked him to promise him not to refuse what he asked and jehangir promised.

Captain Hawkins told “I want nothing for myself but i beg your majesty to give permission to my countrymen to trade in your country”. Jehangir never wanted to give permission because already the portugese who had been given permission were troubling indians. But he had given his promise and hence allowed east india company to trade. Little did he know what his promise would lead to in future???

The cost of saving an emperor’s child was the independence of India in future and the death of his family lineage.

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