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Alauddin Khilji Chronology

Name: Aa-ud-ddin Khilji

Birth: 1266 AD

Father Name: Shihabuddin Masud Khilji

Birth Place: Birbhum, Bengal

1286: Appointed Amir-i-Tuzuk (Master of ceremony) in Delhi Court

1291: Appointed Governor of Kara after defeating Malik Chajju

1292: Appointed Governor of Awadh (Uttar Pradesh)

1293: Raided Bhilsa(arich province) and captured it

1293: Jallaluddin appointed him Ariz-i-Mamalik (Minister of wars)

1296: Raided Devagiri and looted lot of gold and diamonds and went to Kara.

1296: Became Sultan of Delhi after killing uncle Jallaluddin Khilji on 20th July 1296

1298: Defeated Mongols in battle of Jalandhar(Punjab)

1299: Defeated Mongols in battle of Kili

1299: Defeated the king of Gujarath, Karan Deva(husband of his later wife Kamala Devi)

1299: Brought Malik Kafur for 1000 dinar from Bacha Bazar in Gujarath by Alauddin’s general Nusrat Khan from port city of Khambhat in Gujarat. Malik Kafur was born in a Hindu family and was a slave of a wealthy Khwaja in Gujarath. He was converted to Islma by Nusrat Khan and given name Malik Kafur and presented to Alauddin Khilji

1299: Married Queen Kamala Devi

1301: Ranathambore fort was attacked by general Ulugh Khan and Nusrut Khan and defeated King Hamir Deva, a descendant of Prithviraj Chauhan in second attempt. King Hamir Deva died in battle

1303: Attacked Mewar King Ratan Singh and defeated him, Rani Padmini committed Jauhar

1303: Mongols attacked Delhi and were defeated

1303: Attacked Warrangal(Andhar Pradesh) but was defeated

1303: Married Jatyapali, the daughter of Andhra King Ramchandra

1305: Defeated Mongols in battle of Amroha

1305: Completed building Siri Fort in Delhi

1305: His general Ain-ul-Mulk Multani attacked Malwas king Mahlak Dev and defeated him

1306: Defeated Mongols in battle of Ravi

1306: Attacked Baglana state and defeated Raja Karan deva and brought Deval Rani to Delhi to his wife Kamala Devi(Devala Rani was daughter of Karan Deva and Kamla Devi)

1307: Malik Kafur went to Devagiri and defeated king and brought him to Delhi where the King was made a vassal

1308: Attacked Marwar under general Malik Kamaluddin and defeated king Satal Deva of Siwan and killed him

1308: Attacked Mongol controlled Afghanistan and defeated Mongols under general Ghazi Malik and conquered Khandahar, Ghazni and Kabul

1308: Malik Kafur attacked Wrarngal fort and took possession of Kohinoor diamond

1309: Defeated Jalore King Kanhad Dev Sonigara under general Malik Kamaluddin

1310: Attacked Hoysala Empire and defeated Veera Ballala near Krishna River(Andhra)

1311: Attacked Malabar King Vikrama Pandian under command of Malik Kafur and plundered the wealth

1316: Death of Allaluddin Khilji, buried in Qutub Complex Mehrauli Delhi.  As per historian of 14th century Ziauddin Bharani, Khilji was killed by his general Malik Kafur. But later historians think he died of chronic disease. He died on 4th Jan 1316 in Delhi.

Note: as per chronicler Ziauddin Bharanai, Allahuddin Khilji wanted to establish a new religion but later forego that thought


Ala-ud-din Khilji Family Tree

Real Name: Ali Gurushyap

Timeline: 1266-1316 A.D.

Father: Shihabuddin Masud (Elder brother of Jallauddin Khilji)


Paternal uncle: Jalaluddin Khilji, founder of Khilji dynasty


Ulugh Khan

Kutlug Khan

Alams Beg


Malika- i – Jahan: Daughter of Emperor Jalaluddin Khilji founder of Khilji dynasty

Maharu: Sister of Alp Khan (from Khilji clan)

Kamala Devi: Ex wife of Raja Karan Deva of Gujarath (Mother of Deval Rani, later wife of Khizir Khan eldest son of Ala-ud-din Khilji)

Malika Mahik

Jhatyapali: Daughter of King Ramchandra of Deccan(Andhra Pradesh and surrounding regions) a Yadava King

Princess of Deogiri


Khizir Khan ( Mother  Maharu)

Shadi Khan  (Mother Maharu)

Qutub –ud-din Mubarak Khan Khilji  (Mother Malika Mahik) : Succeded Shihab-ud-din Khilji after Malik Khafur’s murder

Umar Khan (Mother Princess of Deogiri)

Shihab-ud-din Masud Omar (Mother Jhatyapali) : Succeded Ala-ud-din Khilji at age of 6 years, with help of Malik Khafur


Firoza (From a cocubbine)

Deval Rani(Step daughter, Daughter of Kamala Devi and Raja Karan Deva)