Ala-ud-din Khilji Family Tree

Real Name: Ali Gurshyap

Father: Shihabuddin Masud (Elder brother of Jallauddin Khilji)


Paternal uncle: Jalaluddin Khilji, founder of Khilji dynasty


Malika- i – Jahan: Daughter of Emperor Jalaluddin Khilji founder of Khilji dynasty

Maharu: Sister of Alp Khan

Kamala Devi: Ex wife of Raja Karan Deva of Gujarath (Mother of Deval Rani, later wife of Khizir Khan eldest son of Ala-ud-din Khilji)

Malika Mahik

Jhatyapali: Daughter of King Ramchandra of Deccan(Andhra Pradesh and surrounding regions) a Yadava King

Princess of Deogiri


Khizir Khan ( Mother  Malika-i-Jahan)

Shadi Khan  (Mother Malika – i – Jahan)

Qutub –ud-din Mubarak Khan Khilji  (Mother Malika Mahik) : Succeded Shihab-ud-din Khilji after Malik Khafur’s murder

Umar Khan (Mother Princess of Deogiri)

Shihab-ud-din Masud Omar (Mother Jhatyapali) : Succeded Ala-ud-din Khilji at age of 6 years, with help of Malik Khafur


Firoza (From a cocubbine)

Deval Rani (Step daughter, Daughter of Kamala Devi and Raja Karan Deva)


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