Forbidden Love: Khizir Khan Khilji and Dewal Rani Devi


Khizir Khan

Khizir Khan Khilji was eldest son of Allahuddin Khilji from his wife second wife Maharu. Dewal Rani Devi was the daughter of Kamala Devi the favourite wife of Allauddin Khilji and her first husband, Raja of Guajarat Raj Karan deva II. Allahuddin’s brothers Ulugh Khan attacked Gujarath in 1298. The King of Guajarath King Karan Deva escapd with his kids to Deccan and took shelter with the Devagiri Yadava King Ramchandra. Kamala Devi was taken to Delhi where after a few months, Allauddin Khiljji married Kamala Devi and she became his third wife and a favourite. Affter a few years around 1306 Kamala Devi started missing her daughter and requested that her daughter from first marriage be brought to Delhi back from her first husband Karan Deva.

Allahuddin Khilji sent his confidante Malik Kafur and his brother Ulugh Khan to Devagiri to get back Deva Rani from Karan Deva. Meanwhile now Deval Rani was big 14-15 years old and of marriageable age. The Devagiri King Raja Ramchandra propised his elder son Shankar Devas marriage in hand to Deval Rani but Gujarath King Karan Deva was not happy with proposal as the King Ramchandra was a Yadava while they were Rajpuths. Rajpuths considered Yadavas as inferior caste, hence Raja Karan Deva kept postponing proposal saying one reason or another. Malik kafur and Ulugh Khan laid siege on Deavgiri and defeated King Ramchandra and took Deval Rani to Delhi to her mother Kamla Devi.

A few days later Khizir Khan and Dewal Rani fell in love with each other. The marriage was met with opposition by Allauddin Khilji and Maharu because by relation they were half siblings. But Khizir Khan defied Allauddin Khilji orders to stay away from Dewal Rani and they both continued meeting. Maharu, Khizir’s mother was not fine with the relation and tried many ways to separate them like sending them away to different city and by keeping Dewal Rani in house arrest. But nothing worked, Khizir love for her only increased with every step to separate them. Finally seeing Khizirs despair at staying away from Dewal Rani, Maharu and Allauddin Khilji had no option but to agree for marriage of both. It is said that when they were being separated Khizir Khan gave Deval Rani a lock of his hair as gift in his memory and Deval Rani gave him her ring in rememberance.

Finally looking their despair and love parents had to give in.  The marriage of Khizir Khan and Dewal Rani took place in 1312. Mallik Kafur the commander of Allauddin Khilji instigated him to imprison Maharu’s sons Khizir Khan and Shadi Khan in fort of Gwalior. Malik Kafur told Alahuddin Khilji that Maharu, Alp Khan and Khizir had tried to kill him and hence Khilji ordered their imprisonment. Mallik Kafur treated Khizir Khan and his brother like enemy of state and tortured them. Dewal Rani was only constant companion of Khizir Khan in his imprisonment.

Allahuddin Khilji was on death bed in 1316 and asked for Khizir Khan so he can be anointed as next emperor but Mallik Kaafur cleverly delayed the matter till Allauddin was dead. Indeed Allauddin Khilji was killed by Mallik Kafur only as per many historians by giving slow poison.

Mallik Kafur placed youngest son of Allauddin Khilji, a six year old called Umar on throne. He sent people to blind both Khizir and Shadi Khan. Mubarak Shah the third son of Allauddin Khilji and Mallika Jahan somehow escaped an assaination plot. A few months later bodyguards of Allauddin Khilji murdered Mallik Kafur and appointed Mubarak Shah as regent of Umar Shah. Mubarak Shah imprisoned Umar, the six year old kid and became emperor himself.

Mubarak too had an eye for Dewal Rani who was beautiful and asked Khizir to hand her over to him, but Khizir refused. Mubarak decided to kill Khizir and sent people to kill him in prison. In the attack, Dewal Rani’s both hands were cut off as she cling to Khizir as assains attacked him and refused to move back. Thus ended a great love story of forbidden love between Khizir Khilji and Dewal Rani. Mubarak forcibly took Dewal Rani in his harem and treated her as a slave girl to humiliate his brother Khizirs memories.

Please read more on Ishquia or Ashiqa / Mathnavi Duval Rani-Khizr Khan (Romance of Duval Rani and Khizr Khan) by Amir Khusrau

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