Queen Kamal Devi – Allauddin Khilji’s Rajputh wife



Contrary to popular beliefs that Akbar was first muslim ruler to marry a Hindu Raajputh wife and give her a high exalted position in his palace and family, there are many others before him who have done the same. Allauddin Khilji was one of them.

Allauddin Khilji attacked the kingdom of Gujarath in year 1299 with a huge army led by Nusrat Khan and Ulugh Khan who were Alla- uddin Khiji’s brothers. Raja Rai Karan Dev II was the Bagela Rajputh King ruling Gujarath in those times.

The army met in battle around June 1299 but after sometime the army of Delhi Sultanate was too strong and Raja Rai Karan Dev left Gujarath and took shelter in other kingdom. Ulugh Khan ransacked the city of Anahilavada and captured the wealth of the city and Raja Karan Devs wifes including his chief consort Queen Kamala Devi and were taken to Delhi.

Allauddin Khilji fell in love and married Kamala Devi and she became his favourite Queen. This infuriated his first wife Mallika Jahan the daughter of Jalal uddin Khilji to no end. Queen Kamala Devi had a daughter Dewal Rani Devi from her previous marriage to King Raja Rai Karan Dev II who had fled with her father during conquest of Gujarath. The Queen Kamal Devi missed her daughter and requested Allauddin Khilji to get her daughter back to her. Allauddin Khilji sent his army under Ulugh Khan and got back Kamala Devis daughter to Delhi.

The Jain writer of those times Merutunga’s book Vichara Shreni states that Raja Rai Karan Deva II Minister Madhav had a role in Allauddin Khilji attacking Gujarath. As per the story Raja Rai Karan Deva had a eye for women and he abducted the beautiful wife of Madhava and took her to his harem(palace). While trying to save Madhavs wife, his younger brother was killed by Raja Karan Deva II. This infuriated Madhav and he went to Delhi and instigated Allauddin Khilji to attack Gujarat.

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