Princess Padmini

Padmini was the second wife of Maharaja of Mewar Rana Rawal Ratan Singh. Maharana Rana Rawal Ratan Singh had won her hand in marriage in a swayamwar. Maharani Padmini was daughter of Maharaja Gandharvasena and Maharani Jamvati of Kumbalgarh in Bikaner, Rajasthan.  Rana Rawal Ratan Singh was already married to Queen Nagmati.

Allahuddin Khilji was the Sultan of Delhi and he had only one ambition in life to become a second Alexander the great and conquer as many kingdoms as possible. In 1303 he attacked Mewar whose king was Padmini’s husband Rana Rawal Ratan Singh. The siege took quite a few days and the Mewar army was very less in number compared to Alllahuddin’s army.

The supplies inside Chittorgarh was over after few weeks and Raja Ratan Rawal Singh gave orders to the army to open the gates and fight till death. The Rajputh army fought bravely but were outnumbered by Khilji’s army and Raja Ratan Singh lost his life in battle field. When the bravel Mewar men left for battle field the women of Mewar prepared a jauhar fire and after saying prayers jumped into it led by Maharani Padmini. The battle took place on 26th August 1303. 1600 Rajputh women jumped into the funeral pyre that day. Thus ended the life of Mewars brave Queen Padmini. In later centuries this act of Rani Padmini and other ladies would be emulated by the brave ladies of Rajputh kingdoms after defeat instead of falling into hands of the victorious Muslim rulers.

Alahuddhin Khiji handed the fort to Maldeo, the chief of Jalore and left after a few days back to Delhi.

Note1: As per some fables Raja Ratan Singh was captured by Allahuddin Khiji and kept as prisoner  and demanded Rani padmini to come to him but was rescued by Mewar army. But there is no concrete proof of that fact.

Note2: Alahuddin Khilji never came face to face with Maharani Padmini or saw her face in reflection of mirror or water as some legends state

Note3: Alahuddin Khilji was not truly smitten by Maharani Padmini and that was not reason to attack Mewar. The reason was purely conquest of Mewar. These are all imaginary story created by later day writers

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