The baby with two mothers



Jahangir was known for his justice and called an adil padshah. People would come to him from far and wide to tell their issues and get justice.

One day Jehangir was finishing his days work and going for seista when the chain of justice was pulled. Jehangir ordered the person who pulled the chain to be brought to his presence. Two women were brought to his presence with one woman holding a baby in her hand. When Jehangir asked them what was the matter both said the baby belonged to them. They both went on arguing and pleading that the baby was theirs. Jehangir was perplexed on how to solve this matter and find the real mother of the baby. 

Finally after thinking for sometime he ordered a gaurd to get a knife and ordered the baby to be cut in two pieces and each half handed to both women. One lady got scared and started sobbing and said Emperor Jahangir to hand over the baby to the other woman only and not cut the baby. Jahangir ordered the baby to be handed over to this woman and ordered the other woman to be put in jail for lying and stealing the other woman’s baby. Thus a mother got justice and the baby got his real mother back.

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