Aurangzeb taking Shah Jahans blessing

Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb – looking like the doting father and son

In real life Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb had issues right from beginning

There are many instances recorded in history- like when aurangzeb was a kid(13-14 years old) he put lions hair and poison in his brother Dara Sikoh’s food and Dara Sikoh was grievously unwell. The poison was some how removed by the doctors but the lion’s hair blocked his intestine and he could not eat anything for many days. Shah Jahan became desperate, he was in mourning for wife Mumtaz and a few years later this had occurred. He became desperate and his messenger was sent to all places to seek help and he landed at Guru Hari Saheb’s door. Guru Hari Saheb sent him herbs and Dara sikoh was cured. Dara went and personally thanked Guru Hari Saheb and Shah Jahan gave him land to build Golden Temple and Dara Sikoh not only gave funds but also was the honorary guest who laid the founding stone. Shah Jahan was very angry with aurangzeb when he came to know he had poisoned Dara Sikoh and wanted to punish him but Dara Sikoh and Jahanara pleaded to forgive him. Aurangzeb was hardly 14 years old at that time.

The second major time he offended Shah Jahan was when Dara Sikoh built a palace and invited all his brothers and father for a dinner. Aurangzeb refused to enter the banquet hall and sat outside the door as he was scared that this was Dara’s ploy to kill all of them. Paranoid did you say? Yes, The family was enjoying dinner and dance and songs and aurangzeb was sitting outside on gaurd scared that this was ploy to kill him. Finally Shah Jahan had enough of his paranoid ways and ordered him to go back to agra fort.

Third time Shah Jahan was really annoyed with aurangzeb was when Jahanara was burnt in an accident and aurangzeb came late to visit his sister.

And here in this portrait we observe blessing being taken in the hindu custom of touching feet or is this kohinish


Aurangzeb taking shah jahan blessing
Aurangzeb taking shah jahan blessing

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